Measuring Pregnancy and Labor Pain Using Clinical Outcome Assessments

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  • Thursday, May 17, 2018 | 10am EDT (NA) / 3pm BST (UK) / 4pm CEST (EU-Central)
  • 60 min

Join us to learn about using The Angle Labor Pain Questionnaire (A-LPQ) and Angle Pictorial Pain Mapping & Pain Ranking Tool (A-PPMRT) as a component of your patient-centred outcomes research in the areas of labor pain and pregnancy.

Labor pain consists of different types of pain, which differ in their presence, severity and levels of associated distress among women, and even within the same woman over time. The A-LPQ and A-PPMRT measure the most important dimensions of women’s childbirth pain experiences using five subscales: the enormity of the pain; fear/anxiety; uterine contraction pain; birthing pain; and back pain/long haul.

Findings support that using these two questionnaires together during the initiation of labor epidural analgesia, early active labor, late labor and at delivery effectively result in the accurate measurement of women’s childbirth pain experiences.

Register today to learn more about these questionnaires and how to gain access to them for use in clinical research or academia.

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Dr. Pamela J. Angle, MD, FRCPC, MSc, PRS (oxon), Associate Professor of Clinical Epidemiology and Health Research, Institute for Health Policy, Management, and Evaluation, University of Toronto

Dr. Angle is the author of the the Angle Labor Pain Questionnaire (A-LPQ) and Angle Pictorial Pain Mapping & Pain Ranking Tool (A-PPMRT), published in 2016 to measure women’s multidimensional experiences of pain during labor and to assist users with pain identification and assessment during labor as well as to facilitate interpretation of A-LPQ findings.

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Marie Dulac Trimoreau, Author Relations Specialist, Author Collaboration Unit, Mapi Research Trust

Marie Dulac is an Author Relations Specialist who manages health research questionnaire distribution and licensing for Mapi Research Trust.

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Senior professionals involved in:

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