Wurster Fluid Bed Coating Batch Scale Aberrations

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  • Wednesday, April 05, 2023

The Wurster (bottom spray) fluid bed particle coating process was patented at the University of Wisconsin in the 1960’s. It is a batch process that enables application of precise, uniform film coatings on particulate materials with diameters ranging from 50 µm to several centimeters in size. The ability to both formulate coatings for specific needs and apply one or more coats to required coat thicknesses offers a wide array of potential particle coating strategies. Therefore, the fluid bed coating process addresses wide array of challenges in a wide array of industries.

Common commercial applications include controlled-release or delivery of a payload (delayed, sustained or delayed and sustained); protection from moisture, oxygen or heat; and taste masking.

The Wurster fluid bed coating process is generally scalable from tens of grams to hundreds of kilograms per batch in commercial equipment. Although consistent coating application and product performance can be achieved throughout this entire range, varying critical processing attributes, shifts in processing dynamics and equipment configuration differences can introduce unexpected product variances associated with batch size.

This webinar explores Wurster fluidization dynamics and spray technology with attention to both equipment design and application and the potential influences of each on product performance. It explores root causes of Wurster process scale aberrations including case studies where variances have been encountered. Potential solutions to scaling concerns will also be discussed.

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Charles R. Frey, Coating Place, Inc.

Charles R. Frey, Vice President of Scientific Affairs, Coating Place, Inc.

Charles (Chuck) Frey joined Coating Place in 1999 after holding R&D positions with Dow Chemical, Betz Laboratories and Gilson Medical Electronics. Since joining CPI, he has been intimately involved with Wurster fluid bed coating formulation development, process optimization, scale-up, validation and commercial production. He has lectured on fluid bed coating at many workshops and short courses through the Controlled Release Society, Bioencapsulation Research Group and the Center for Professional Advancement and contributed several book chapters on fluid bed coating and its application in pharmaceuticals and foods. His primary interests include formulation strategies to meet product performance goals and elucidation of engineering principles and phenomena that influence fluid bed coating dynamics.

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Darren Kopp, Coating Place, Inc.

Darren Kopp, Senior Formulation Scientist, Coating Place, Inc.

Darren Kopp has 10 years of fluid bed coating and microencapsulation experience. He is currently a Senior Formulation Scientist at Coating Place, Inc. (CPI) where he leads and manages projects in the research and development department which include formulating, design of experiments, technical transfer and scale up to best suit the needs of CPI’s clients for pharmaceutical, nutritional, food and industrial products.

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Who Should Attend?

Scientists and engineers who work with the Wurster fluid bed coating process, including both novice and experienced users

What You Will Learn

Attendees will gain:

  • An awareness of potential effects of Wurster process scale on product performance
  • A detailed overview of critical/optimal Wurster coater design and application principles
  • An understanding of the relationships of particle size, fluidization air velocity and fluidization air volume
  • An understanding of ~lower and ~upper coat chamber volume limits and potential volume restrictions within those limits
  • An understanding of Wurster fluidization dynamics and the potential effect of these dynamics on product performance
  • An understanding of linear scaling concepts in both Wurster fluidization and nozzle application

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Coating Place

Coating Place, founded in 1976, has over 47 years of experience in the pharmaceutical CDMO industry. We have advanced the design of our Wurster coating units by developing proprietary fluidization plates and nozzles. This technology, along with feasibility studies, linear scalability, and product development services enables Coating Place to provide customers with the highest quality services available in the Wurster fluid bed coating industry. In addition to Wurster coating, Coating Place is also capable of other support services for research and commercial manufacturing. This includes services such as granulation, extrusion/spheronization, milling, tableting and capsule filing. We combine experience and expertise in engineering, development and manufacturing to offer efficiency in the movement of a project from small-scale development to commercial manufacturing.

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