Why the New Xtalks Life Science Podcast is Essential Listening for Industry Professionals

Why the New Xtalks Life Science Podcast is Essential Listening for Industry Professionals

Xtalks is proud to announce the launch of the Xtalks Life Science podcast. To complement its leading webinar, editorial and video content, the podcast will explore the latest news and hot topics in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device spaces.

The weekly podcast is available for streaming every Wednesday on Spotify, Apple Music and wherever you stream your podcasts. Subscribe to the Xtalks Life Science Podcast to never miss a new episode.

You can also check out the initial episodes here:

Here’s why subscribing to the Xtalks Life Science podcast is the easiest and most thought-provoking way to hear about what’s happening in your industry.

Fresh Conversations About Life Science Topics

The weekly podcast will feature an overview of some of the key news stories making headlines, along with insight into the latest and evolving trends, innovations and landmark happenings in the pharma, biotech and medical device industries. From mergers and acquisitions to deep dives into new, emerging technologies, as well as the latest research findings and trends, the podcast will be an engaging new way to stay up to date with all the latest news in the life sciences.

The podcast will be presented by members of Xtalks’ editorial team who already bring you daily news and in-depth blogs on the most recent happenings in the life science industry. The podcast will allow team members to explore, and give their opinions on, the latest life science stories like no other piece of editorial content. Most importantly, it will give life science industry professionals a new way to stay current in their field, and hear diverse perspectives on controversial topics.

Diverse Voices for Lively Discussions

Hosted by Sarah Hand, the podcast will feature commentary from Ayesha Rashid, Sydney Perelmutter and Mira Nabulsi, all of whom come from diverse backgrounds in journalism and scientific research. The team will engage in round table discussions to share news, stories and insights into the latest industry happenings.

Sarah Hand, MSc, is the editor-in-chief and a webinar moderator at Xtalks and leads a team of writers to curate the news, blogs, video and podcast content on the site. Since joining Xtalks in 2015, she has written over 1,000 articles on diverse topics from remote clinical trials and rare disease to medical device sterilization and drug pricing. Sarah is passionate about science communication and journalistic integrity. She completed her BSc and MSc degrees in molecular biology and biochemistry, respectively, at the University of Guelph. Sarah is also an experienced webinar moderator.

Ayesha Rashid, PhD, is a senior life science journalist and webinar moderator at Xtalks where she covers the latest news stories in the industry. She also writes informative blogs on topics including drug development, life science company profiles and HR content pertaining to the pharma and biotech industries. Ayesha obtained an MSc in Cancer & Genetics from McMaster University and a PhD in Medical Biophysics from the University of Toronto. She has presented her research at international conferences and published several peer-reviewed papers. She has interests in science writing and communication, as well as health and community advocacy.

Sydney Perelmutter, MJ, is a food industry journalist and webinar moderator at Xtalks. In 2020, she obtained a master’s degree in journalism from Ryerson University and holds a bachelor’s degree from Queen’s University. Sydney writes about various food industry topics, including safety and regulation, grocery and foodservice, innovation and sustainability. Prior to joining Xtalks, she worked for Postmedia’s cannabis publication, The GrowthOp, and has additional bylines in the National Post, The Ryersonian and the Cannabis Post.

Mira Nabulsi, MJ, is a multimedia editor and webinar moderator at Xtalks. She focuses on news relating to the food industry and writes blogs on recruitment and HR in the life sciences. She has a Master of Journalism from Ryerson University and completed her undergraduate degree at York University with an Honors in Communication Studies and Marketing. Prior to joining Xtalks, Nabulsi worked at Discovery Channel on shows that include The Daily Planet and Mighty Cruise Ships. She also worked at Global 640 Toronto on a podcast called Kultur’d and has published bylines in The Ryersonian and African Geographic.

Xtalks Life Science Podcast Explores Trending Topics

As Xtalks’ lead life science industry writers, Ayesha and Sarah will present stories on a wide variety of topics and trends, with Mira and Sydney weighing in with their point of view. The Xtalks Life Science podcast will also feature interview clips from discussions with life science industry insiders to get their perspective on current events. Specific topics include:

  • Pharmaceutical: Hear about the latest offerings from pharma, including trends and treatment innovations in oncology, diabetes, rare disease, infectious disease and pediatric disease
  • Medical Device Innovations: We’ll be doing deep dives into the latest developments and innovations in the medical device space, including the newest diagnostics, implants and health wearables
  • Biomedical Research and Technologies: Presenting the latest biomedical research from both industry and academia, including preclinical studies as well as technological innovations in genomics, single cell analysis, proteomics, metabolomics and much more
  • Clinical Research: Hear about new and ongoing clinical trials for various drugs, treatments and medical devices along with the latest trial data as it becomes available
  • Biotech Innovations: Learn about the newest biomedical tools and strategies being developed to study and treat disease. Topics will include technologies for vaccine development, genetic tools such as CRISPR, gene therapies and more
  • FDA Approvals, Guidance Updates and Crackdowns: Keeping up with the latest updates from the FDA with respect to drug and medical device approvals, as well as updates to guidance documents and the latest industry crackdowns
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Learn about the hottest industry acquisitions and blockbuster deals happening in pharma and biotech

Tune into the Xtalks Life Science Podcast every Wednesday wherever you stream podcasts! Also make sure to subscribe to the Xtalks Life Science Podcast so you never miss a new episode.