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Atomwise and SEngine Precision Machine’s Joint Venture Brings Together AI and Cancer Drug Discovery

Atomwise and SEngine Precision Machine’s Joint Venture Brings Together AI and Cancer Drug Discovery

Atomwise and SEngine Precision Machine launched a new joint venture on Tuesday accelerating oncology drug discovery.

A leader in artificial intelligence for drug discovery, Atomwise, has launched a new joint venture with SEngine Precision Machine. The news of this venture was announced on Tuesday.

The joint venture brings together the ability to accelerate oncology drug discovery by utilizing multiple platforms. SEngine Precision Machine will provide validated gene targets essential for the growth of mutant cancer cells. Meanwhile, Atomwise uses AI technology to discover and develop inhibitor compounds against these targets.

“Precision medicine for oncology requires technology that can provide a deep understanding of the biology of individual cancers and technology that can identify and evaluate potential drugs for individual cancers,” said Dr. Abraham Heifets, CEO and co-founder of Atomwise.

The combined capabilities of SEngine Precision Machine and Atomwise will create a model for the future generation of drug discovery, allowing decreased time to enter the market along with the lowered cost of clinical trials, said Dr. Carla Grandori, SEngine Precision Machine founder and CEO.

SEngine Precision Machine wants to evaluate compounds using the PARIS test to perform “in vitro clinical trials,” which allows hundreds of candidate drugs and drug combinations to be screened simultaneously against living tumors. Additionally, the use of artificial intelligence by Atomwise will optimize possible drug candidates based on the results from SEngine Precision Machine and create a rapid development process.

“The process from discovering a promising small molecule to validation for a clinical trial candidate may now be accomplished at a fraction of the cost and time required of current efforts which may take up to ten years,” said Dr. Grandori.

Last March, the FDA approved a breakthrough device called Paige.AI that allowed artificial intelligence to meet cancer pathology. The algorithm was trained against thousands of different pathology slides which gave the AI the capacity to diagnose new cases.

In the Atomwise and SEngine Precision Machine venture, both companies will work towards finding personalized solutions and therapies for cancer patients. According to the companies, the “joint venture brings together AI technology and living tumor organoids to develop novel personalized therapies for cancer patients.”

Atomwise has raised over $50 million from leading venture capital firms to support the development and application of its AI technology. Meanwhile, SEngine Precision Machine is a privately-held biotech start-up founded to identify and develop cancer targeted drugs.

Additional joint ventures announced by Atomwise include OncoStatyx and Atropos.