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Barry Callebaut Unleashes the World’s First Ever Chocolate Made with Entire Cacao Fruit

Barry Callebaut Unleashes the World’s First Ever Chocolate Made with Entire Cacao Fruit

Barry Callebaut to make chocolate using 100 percent of the cacao fruit.

A high-quality chocolate and cocoa product company, Barry Callebaut, has unleashed a new taste in San Francisco that they believe will mark the creation of a next generation food and drink category. They are introducing a chocolate that uses 100 percent of the cacao fruit and calling it the “Cacaofruit Experience.”

The Cacaofruit Experience eliminates the 70 percent waste aspect of cacao processing whilst also addressing the next generation’s demands of tasty, nutritious, and whole food products. This experience introduces a whole range of new products with a fresh, fruity and naturally rich flavor derived from the whole cacao fruit. As part of this launch, Barry Callebaut is also introducing WholeFruit chocolate for chef and artisan markets which is made from 100 percent pure cacao fruit.

“Our unparalleled knowledge has enabled us to break new ground, unleashing the full power of the cacaofruit, which the Mayans cherished as ‘food of the gods.’ Today, we have again unveiled a world first with Cacaofruit Experience,” said Antoine de Saint-Affrique, the CEO of Barry Callebaut.

According to the Science of Cooking, chocolate is made from beans gathered from cacao trees. The seeds have a bitter taste but once fermented they develop flavor. The beans are then dried, cleaned and roasted. After these processes have been completed, the shell of the cacao bean is removed to produce the cacao nibs. Those nibs are then ground and form the cocoa mass which usually results in a liquid form. But with this new development, Barry Callebaut plans on using 100 percent of the cacao fruit, which includes the bean, the nutrient-dense peel, and the fruity pulp and juice.

Barry Callebaut said in a press release that they created this product to cater to millennial and centennial generations that “want to live a happy, healthy life in symbiosis with the world around them… tasty and nutritious for them and also good for the planet and its people.” They conducted a quantitative consumer study in the United States, United Kingdom and China and concluded that WholeFruit is a winning value proposition.

According to recent events, many have shown interest in finding changes in the food market to help preserve the planet. Barry Callebaut’s new product falls in line with the rise of sustainable food products and consumer markets.

In May 2020 this product will be available for purchase via artisans across the globe. “We are looking forward to starting a new journey with our customers and discovering the completely new range of applications that Cacaofruit Experience and WholeFruit chocolate will make possible,” said de Saint-Affrique