Sweet Earth Food Launches Meatless “Awesome” Products Supporting Environmental Awareness

Sweet Earth Food Launches Meatless “Awesome” Products Supporting Environmental Awareness

Sweet Earth Foods plant-based Awesome Burger

Sweet Earth Foods, a Nestlé-owned company, has released two new plant-based products: the Awesome Burger and Awesome Grounds. The products are non-GMO and were developed by a culinary team from Sweet Earth with support from Nestlé.

The products are made from yellow pea protein, which gives the burger nutritional value in the form of 26g of protein and 6g of fibre. These nutrients are the same in both the burger and the grounds. This gives the customer the flexibility to use this product in various dishes, such as meatballs and tacos.

“The Sweet Earth Awesome Burger has a delicious, grilled beefy flavor, great texture and juiciness, with the added benefit of plant-based fiber and protein. We’ve been making delicious plant-based proteins for more than eight years, so the Awesome Burger is a natural evolution of our work in this space,” said Kelly Swette, CEO of Sweet Earth Foods.

Sweet Earth Foods have created over 60 plant-based products that offer nutritional plant-based benefits as well as cater towards the animal conscious consumer demographic. According to Sweet Earth’s eco clock they have avoided more than 54 million grams of carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gases, saved 16,632 cows, conserved 56,000 gallons of water, and more. As stated on their eco clock webpage, they say they are, “#ConsciousByChoice. We don’t just make it good, we make it count.”

The meatless food market is very popular within this generation. Many people around the world have been involved in awareness protests to tell the world more about the changes we need to implement in order to preserve the place we all call home, planet earth.

Climate change protests have been occupying the streets globally and raising vocal awareness about ways to preserve the planet. One of those topics include reducing agriculture to slow down climate change. This is where the meatless industry plays a big role.

On September 27th, Canada took part in a march for climate change awareness hosted by Fridays for Future. This is a platform that Greta Thunberg started. Thunberg is a Swedish 16-year-old who’s gained international recognition after she presented a speech at the United Nations Climate Change Conference. Last Friday, there were around 250 strikes across Canada alone. The way to make a change is by planting more trees, says George Monbiot, an environmental and political activist.

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A study done by rival meat alternative company, Beyond Meat states that their, “Beyond Burger generates 90 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions, requires 46 per cent less energy, has over a 99 percent less impact on water scarcity and 93 percent less impact on land use than a quarter pound of US beef.” According to Fast Company, a 41-square-foot plot of land can produce just one regular beef burger for every 15 meatless Beyond Burgers.

The Awesome Burger has many competitors that are already ahead of the game. Companies such as Impossible and Beyond are plant-based meat suppliers to Burger King, KFC and more. But Awesome Burger have the backing of food giant Nestlé’s which could allow them to succeed in this competitive market. As a mission-driven company, Sweet Earth wants to bring positive change to the food system. They want to create each of their products with a focus on the environment and sustainability by using vegetarian protein sources exclusively.

“We’re excited for people to find out why we call it Awesome!” said Swette.