BetterBrand’s Better Bagel Debuts in Whole Foods Market

BetterBrand’s Better Bagel Debuts in Whole Foods Market

The Better Bagel, which will be available in four flavors, made its retail debut at Whole Foods Markets locations nationwide. Photo courtesy of BetterBrand.

BetterBrand, the startup behind the low-carb, high-protein Better Bagel, announced its global partnership with Whole Foods Market. One year after its online debut, BetterBrand’s Better Bagel hit the frozen shelves of over 500 Whole Foods Market locations, bringing its “Grain-Changing” technology to retail. 

“The Better Bagel transforms the carb heavy bagel into the net carb equivalent of two slices of banana, while boasting 25g+ of plant-based protein, no added sugar and a Non-GMO Certified, clean label ingredient deck,” BetterBrand said in a press release. “The company plans to apply its proprietary processes and technology across numerous product categories in order to overhaul the existing consumer relationship with food.”

BetterBrand first met the Whole Foods Market team at a retail conference called Fancy Food earlier this year. After successful follow-up meetings, BetterBrand began preparing for the nationwide launch of the Better Bagel. Up to this point, the company had been selling direct-to-consumer (DTC) in order to test out its supply chain and operations. Once the company was confident it could deliver, retail expansion began.

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From product tasting and demos to promotions and off shelf displays, BetterBrand is hoping its marketing efforts will drive consumers to the shelf and highlight the brand, its mission and its value proposition. Keeping the supply chain entirely frozen also allows the company to ensure the highest level of product experience with the consumer, while helping drive incremental growth in their frozen category. 

Since its online debut last August, Keto followers and low-carb fans have been raving about the Better Bagel on social media. But overall reviews have been mixed, with Florence Fabricant, a food and wine writer for The New York Times, calling it an “oversize, puffy and slightly sour breadstuff,” and adding that, “enjoyment requires toasting and liberal schmearing to amp up the flavor.”

However, the company believes the Better Bagel appeals to a wide range of consumer demographics, including natural, clean eaters, low carb eaters, athletes, vegans, diabetics, parents and anyone passionate about their health and wellness. Additionally, the bagels boast a short list of ingredients and are free of artificial preservatives.

BetterBrand has also caught the eyes of investors having raised a total of $9.3 million in funding over four rounds. Notable investors include actor Patrick Schwarzenegger and entrepreneur and tech executive Kyle Vogt, along with several venture capital firms. 

The company’s goal is to lead innovation in the multi-million-dollar refined functional carbohydrates market, which exceeded $220 million in 2020 and is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of seven percent between 2021 and 2027. It will also be competing in the global bakery market, which was valued at $453.74 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $672.66 billion by 2026.

Meanwhile, “The Classic,” “The Everything,” “The Cinnamon,” and a fourth flavor that has not yet been publicly disclosed can be found in the frozen bread section at Whole Foods Markets locations nationwide. BetterBrand also has plans on furthering its retail presence, R&D and expanding its product portfolio.