Nutritional Wellness for Women: Natural Solutions for Every Life Stage

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  • Tuesday, April 23, 2024

In an era where women’s health is at the forefront of discussion and advocacy, understanding the unique needs and challenges women face throughout different stages of life is paramount. While no two women are the same, they all share the unique needs and challenges faced at each life stage. From menstruation and reproductive health all the way through bone, joint and memory support, women are proactively seeking ways to improve their quality of life no matter their age or concern.

The most significant way women are achieving healthier lives is through dietary improvements, which primarily include supplementation. In fact, 58 percent of women globally have increased their usage of vitamins, minerals and supplements to support wellness. By understanding the motivations and challenges women experience throughout their lives, dietary supplement manufacturers can create better, more efficient ways to support women when and where they need it the most.

In this webinar, the expert speakers will navigate the complex landscape of women’s health, exploring how dietary supplement solutions can offer support from adolescence through the golden years. From market insights to innovative formulations, this webinar offers invaluable insights for industry professionals committed to empowering women on their journey to optimal health and well-being.

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Dr. Aouatef Bellamine, ADM

Dr. Aouatef Bellamine, PhD, Global Scientific Marketing Director, Health & Wellness, ADM

Aouatef has more than 25 years of experience in R&D in the areas of endocrine/metabolic health, virology, anti-psychotics and nutrition in both academia and the pharma biotech industry. Her most recent work has been in nutrition innovation and clinical development for dietary supplements, with 10 years spent at Lonza Group and the past two years with ADM.  Her unique role as Scientific Marketing Director at ADM bridges the company’s clinical research efforts with innovative product development in health and wellness. Aouatef earned her PhD in Toxicology with honors at Sorbonne University in Paris and is the author of more than 35 peer-reviewed articles and 10 patents. She is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, the American Society of Nutrition, the Council for Responsible Nutrition, the American Diabetes Association and the Society of Toxicology.

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Paula Limena, ADM

Paula Limena, Vice President of Global Marketing, Health & Wellness, ADM

Paula leads ADM’s marketing efforts in the health and wellness division, overseeing a portfolio of microbiome solutions, functional botanicals and natural health and nutrition ingredients for applications in dietary supplements, food and beverage and pet and animal health products. Her 20-year career in marketing spans both B2B and B2C segments, where she has specialized in uncovering whitespaces through the power of trends and consumer insights, deploying successful product innovation ideation and go-to-market strategies. Paula earned her degree in marketing from New York University and attended Parsons School of Design with a specialization in psychoanalysis. She is the author of the book The Millennial Mind, which reflects how this powerful generation’s thought machine will reshape our world.

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Who Should Attend?

This webinar will appeal to professionals in the following fields of the functional nutrition and supplement industry:

  • Research and Development
  • Marketing
  • Product Development
  • Innovation
  • Business Development
  • Purchasing
  • Procurement

What You Will Learn

Attendees will learn about:

  • The dynamic market trends and consumer insights shaping the landscape of dietary supplements targeted for women
  • The unique health needs women face as they age from vaginal health and mood support to menopausal symptoms and skin health
  • The science-backed ingredients and functional concepts that can support women at every life stage, including probiotics, vitamins and minerals

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