care.ai Partners with Google Cloud on Smart Healthcare Platform

care.ai Partners with Google Cloud on Smart Healthcare Platform

care.ai says its AI-based technology platform is helping lead the new “Smart Care Facility” era in healthcare.

care.ai, a smart healthcare technology company that offers autonomous monitoring solutions for hospitals and clinics, has announced a partnership with Google Cloud.

The collaboration will allow care.ai to leverage Google Cloud’s infrastructure and machine learning capabilities to enhance its healthcare solutions, including its AI-driven Smart Care Facility Platform.

The smart healthcare platform is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace.

The collaboration will enable acute and post-acute facilities to engage with care.ai’s platform seamlessly and securely.

Through the partnership, care.ai will be able to integrate Google Cloud’s AI and machine learning tools into its autonomous monitoring platform, which uses computer vision and deep learning algorithms to track patient health and safety in real time. This will enable healthcare providers to access actionable insights and improve patient outcomes.

Additionally, the partnership will allow care.ai to benefit from Google Cloud’s security and compliance offerings, which are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the healthcare industry. This will help care.ai to ensure that its solutions are secure, compliant and protect patient data.

The partnership between care.ai and Google Cloud is expected to accelerate the adoption of autonomous monitoring solutions in the healthcare industry and improve patient care and safety.

care.ai’s Smart Care Facility Platform AI-based solutions include Virtual Nursing, Home Care, Infection Prevention & Control and Virtual Care among others, which are available on Google Cloud Marketplace for healthcare organizations and care facilities to access.

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care.ai says its smart healthcare technology “revolutionizes care environments, such as hospitals and nursing homes, by creating responsive facilities that optimize clinical and operational workflows, addressing some of the most pressing healthcare challenges today. As traditional care models become financially unsustainable and the nursing shortage calls for over one million new registered nurses by 2030, the healthcare system faces increasing pressure.”

care.ai’s platform leverages the use of advanced sensors and AI to establish an efficient infrastructure within the smart facility. This allows for the automation of labor-intensive processes, saving time for nurses and overcoming the need for multiple technology systems by integrating workflows within a single platform.

care.ai’s Smart Care Facility Platform combines ambient intelligent monitoring and virtual care workflows on the company’s micro-edge devices. The platform allows for improved one-on-one support for patients with a solid awareness of conditions and operations in the care setting while enabling scalable new virtual care models such as virtual nursing and virtual specialist visits.

care.ai has been implemented in 1,500 healthcare facilities, including health systems and long-term care facilities.

“Our Smart Care Facility Platform, with generative AI, is ushering in new multimodal experiences that enhance and improve how clinicians work and interact with patients,” said Chakri Toleti, care.ai CEO and founder. “Collaborating with Google Cloud allows us to introduce our platform to a broader array of hospitals and nursing homes worldwide, streamlining clinical care operations and elevating care quality by enabling clinicians to focus on delivering more empathetic and timely care.”

Google has been rapidly expanding in the smart, AI-based healthcare space. In 2021, Google Cloud revealed its Healthcare Data Engine, which is an end-to-end solution for healthcare and life science organizations that brings together data from multiple sources, such as medical records, claims, research data and clinical trials.

Google also launched AI tools this month to make health insurance preapprovals faster.