FDA Announces Recall of Over Half a Million Mighty Bliss Electric Heating Pads

FDA Announces Recall of Over Half a Million Mighty Bliss Electric Heating Pads

Whele LLC said the company had received various safety complaints from consumers about the heating pads. Photo courtesy of the FDA.

Over half a million Mighty Bliss Electric Heating Pads distributed by Whele LLC (which also operates under the name Perch) are being voluntarily recalled by the company after several different safety concerns were reported to the company.

Whele’s announcement on Monday, October 24th on the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) website stated “We received 286 complaints between July 2021 to September 2022 related to the product overheating, sparking, burning, or presenting other electrical problems. Thirty-one of these complaints reported injuries such as mild shocks, burns, and rashes or irritation.”

The following day on Tuesday, October 25th the FDA issued an announcement to warn consumers, health care provides and caregivers to not use the recalled Mighty Bliss Electric Heating Pads.

Recall of the Mighty Bliss Electric Heating Pads  

The description, model numbers and lot numbers of the recalled Mighty Bliss Electric Heating Pads have been released by Whele LLC and are on the FDA’s safety communication. The recall applies to 544,212 products manufactured between January 8th 2021 to January 3rd 2022 and distributed from July 29th 2021 through July 21st 2022 through sale on the websites of Amazon and Walmart.

FDA’s Recommendation for Patients, Caregivers and Healthcare Professionals

According to the FDA’s safety communication, users should check the Mighty Bliss Electric Heating Pad they are using by looking at the product model and lot numbers directly on the heating pad to confirm whether it falls under the recalled product category. Users should stop using the heating pad immediately if it has been recalled.

Consumers should not purchase recalled Mighty Bliss Electric Heating Pads from online websites.

If the product is in hand, the device must be turned off and unplugged.

The information on reimbursement can also be checked on: www.mightyblissheatingpadrecall.expertinquiry.com

Queries can be cleared by calling 866-918-8768 or sending a photo of the product and emailing to [email protected].

The FDA recommended that any problem with a medical device should be reported using their MedWatch Voluntary Reporting Form.

The FDA’s Recommendations for the Safe Use of an Electric Heating Pad

In their safety communication, the FDA released general guidelines for the safe usage of an electric heating pad, which were:

  • Always follow the safety instructions which were included with the electric heating pad.
  • Use the electric heating pad for only 15 to 20 minutes at a time to avoid the risk of burns.
  • Stop using the heating pad if there are any frayed wires, tears or holes.
  • Stop using the device if sparking occurs.
  • Make sure there is no water close to the heating pad when it is being used.
  • Always start with the lowest setting and turn up the heat only if it is needed.
  • Place towels between the heating pad and skin to help reduce the risk of burns.
  • Never sleep with the heating pad on.
  • Do not use the heating pad close to an oxygen tank.
  • Do not use nails, pins, thumbtacks or other metal items to puncture the heating pad.
  • If the heating pad has a fabric cover, keep the fabric cover on the heating pad.
  • Do not let children use the heating pad unsupervised.