Frutta Bowls is Bringing Consumers an Endless Summer

Frutta Bowls is Bringing Consumers an Endless Summer

For a limited time, Frutta Bowls is reintroducing consumers to the taste of summer with three new smoothie flavors and a new protein bite.

Superfoods café, Frutta Bowls, known for its açaí bowls, is introducing four new limited-time menu items to launch their new campaign called Endless Summer. 

The campaign started on June 1st and will run through  August 31st.  Endless Summer will feature three summer-themed smoothies and a new protein bite that will offer nostalgic and retro flavors intended to remind consumers of their favorite childhood summer memories.

Frutta Bowls stated that their company represents more than a snack but, “fuel that stimulates the mind, energizes the body, lifts the spirit and feeds the soul.”

The company is known for its customizable bowls, smoothies, toast and protein bites. Its products are filled with superfoods such as acai, pitaya and kale, along with antioxidants and vitamins that help boost immunity levels and contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

“Due to COVID-19, we never ‘really’ got an epic summer to make special memories last year. This summer, we are going to change that with our Endless Summer campaign that is designed to bring back great memories of the nostalgic tastes of summer,” said Mark Mears, chief marketing officer of WOWorks, the parent company of Frutta Bowls, in a press release. 

Each smoothie will be available in specific months during the summer season. The first smoothie is the Orange Cream Smoothie, which is available now through  June 30th. This beverage is made with fresh orange juice, Greek yogurt, banana and coconut milk.

The Banana Fudge Smoothie will be introduced on July 1st and it features banana, avocado, cocoa powder, chocolate whey protein and coconut milk.

Cherry Pie Smoothie will be the final smoothie of the campaign, starting August 1st and ending August 31st. This smoothie is made with cherries, coconut milk, vanilla whey protein and honey.

Finally, Frutta Bowls will introduce Strawberry Shortcake Protein Bites made with blueberry flax granola, graham cracker, almond butter, honey and strawberries. The bites are available throughout the new Endless Summer campaign.

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International Delight, Mtn Dew, Chubby Organics and more have been capitalizing on bringing consumers a sense of nostalgia. Like Frutta Bowls, they want consumers to remember the good old days when they felt free and joyful while consuming their favorite foods. 

Nostalgia gives consumers a sense of belonging and continuity, reminding them of simpler times, giving them a warm-hearted feeling. Companies have recognized this feeling and have built campaigns and advertising practices that revolve around going back in time. 

Frutta Bowls Endless Summer campaign is built around nostalgic feelings. “Our limited-time-only menu items feature ‘retro-cool’ flavors that we all remember enjoying as kids that really made summer a time to relax, be joyful, and to feel free,” Mears said.