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JELL-O Partners With DreamWorksTV for New Animated Kids’ Series: The JELL-O Wobz

JELL-O Partners With DreamWorksTV for New Animated Kids’ Series: The JELL-O Wobz

JELL-O has partnered with DreamWorksTV to launch a new animated video series. (Photo: Business Wire)

JELL-O, a Kraft Heinz brand, has partnered with DreamWorksTV to create a short animated series on Youtube and Amazon Prime Video called “The JELL-O Wobz.” This new five-episode series was announced after JELLO’s recent launch of JELL-O Play, which are edible toys that can be molded, shaped and built into themed objects.

According to the company, the series discusses important social topics that are central to JELL-O Play’s mission to inspire families to play and have fun together.

“The JELL-O WOBZ is comprised of six episodes that follow the Wobz, a group of lovable JELL-O characters cast from humble kitchen objects, in their adventures through a fantastical kitchen world. The show’s protagonist, Bucket, is accidentally brought to life when JELL-O powder gets knocked into a bucket and mixes with a variety of leftover kitchen junk. He meets a variety of other JELL-O characters, each cast from a different shape that reflects their unique personalities. Meg, made from a measuring cup, tends to be a bit of a perfectionist, while Walter, created from a surgical glove with the thumb cut off, must overcome his fear of making mistakes,” wrote the company in a release.

Bucket and his friends go through different scenarios that can be compared to everyday situations that kids face. The story behind this series focuses on embracing imperfections and admitting to mistakes. However, the messages behind each episode are not only meant for children, according to the company. JELL-O claims that their cartoon series can also inspire millennial moms to accept themselves since 80 percent of millennial moms feel pressure to be “the perfect mom,” according to a study by Baby Center.

“Today’s parents and kids feel more pressure than ever before, and yet families spend less time talking about important issues like self-acceptance,” said Katy Marshall, Marketing and Sales Lead of Springboard, the new Kraft Heinz platform dedicated to nurturing, scaling, and accelerating the growth of disruptive food and beverage brands. “As a brand whose values center on family bonding and free play, we wanted to create a show to foster this important dialogue.”

JELL-O hopes that this new series will inspire families to stick together and engage with each other. The series is also promoting the company’s JELL-O Play product which encourages families to make edible building blocks out of JELL-O and build whatever comes to mind. JELL-O Play comes in three product lines that are designed around themes such as “ocean” and “jungle.” Consumers can use the product by simply pouring a JELL-O mixture into specially shaped molds that are similar to building blocks and then building out sculptures with the finished JELL-O blocks.

This new marketing move comes after JELL-O sales decreased by 19 percent in 2014. After the company’s efforts to promote JELL-O as a sugar-free snack to dieters didn’t reap many rewards, the company realized that they would have more success with promoting it as a family product. This might be why JELL-O has launched an animated series that is suitable for family watching.

This new series works to re-introduce JELL-O to children and remind nostalgic millennial parents about the jiggly treat. The first episode of “The JELL-O Wobz” is currently available online and new episodes will be released every Monday for the next five weeks.