OncoHealth Expands Its Iris Platform for Digital Cancer Care

OncoHealth Expands Its Iris Platform for Digital Cancer Care

A woman is speaking to an Oncology Certified Nurse from the comfort of her home using OncoHealth's Iris platform. Photo courtesy of OncoHealth.

OncoHealth, an Atlanta-based digital health firm, is on a mission to address the multifaceted challenges of cancer care that include physical, mental and financial factors. The company recently announced the expansion of its Iris platform, extending its comprehensive digital cancer care services to 240,000 fully insured commercial members of HealthPartners.

These members now have access to the advanced Iris platform, offering specialized mental health care tailored for oncology patients, 24×7 symptom management and essential nutritional support. This expansion signifies a significant stride in augmenting the overall well-being and support for individuals grappling with the intricacies of cancer treatment and recovery.

“People with cancer and their caregivers deserve round-the-clock, convenient access to oncology experts who can answer their questions and help them cope with unexpected issues. The symptoms, mental health needs, dietary limitations and financial challenges people with cancer experience should be addressed with the same level of urgency that we manage their chemotherapy regimens. That’s where Iris comes in,” said Andrew Norden, chief medical officer at OncoHealth, in the company’s news release. “We are excited to offer expanded access to HealthPartners members.”

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What Digital Cancer Care Services Do Members Have Access To?

Last year, OncoHealth launched an innovative pilot program for its groundbreaking digital health service, designed to support members undergoing cancer treatment. The initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

During the pilot phase, 43 percent of members actively engaged with the Iris clinical team, which comprises nurses and mental health experts, with an average of 2.3 interactions per month. Additionally, a notable 68 percent of participants utilized the personalized, self-directed curriculum offered by the platform. These outstanding engagement statistics highlight the effectiveness and value of the OncoHealth pilot program in providing crucial support and resources to those confronting the challenges of cancer care.

The program has demonstrated significant potential in enhancing the quality of life for individuals by addressing the adverse side effects of cancer treatment and prioritizing emotional well-being. This positive response underscores OncoHealth’s mission to revolutionize cancer care and improve patients’ overall well-being.

The state-of-the-art platform enables direct communication between patients and trained oncology experts, ensuring tailored telehealth support specific to each unique cancer journey. With Iris by OncoHealth, HealthPartners’ members have access to a suite of excellent services, including round-the-clock support from dedicated oncology nurses who offer personalized advice on side effect management, guiding crucial questions for doctors and navigating the abundant resources within Iris.

Members can also benefit from mental health sessions with specialized therapists, personalized nutrition guidance from licensed nutritionists and dietitians and the convenience of a digital tracker for recording goals and side effects. Additionally, members receive exclusive invitations to virtual events with leading clinical experts and access to a comprehensive library of over 200 on-demand articles and videos, each specifically tailored to address individual cancers, treatments, side effects and procedures.

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Access Anytime, Anywhere

The Iris platform offers seamless accessibility through any smartphone, providing members with direct connections to US-based clinical oncology experts, a supportive community of peer mentors and personalized content catering to various cancer types. All of these services are available at no cost through participating health plans.

As a reliable, evidence-based platform, Iris is developed and delivered by a team of qualified professionals, including oncology-certified nurses, specialized oncology social workers, psychologists, physician assistants, peer mentors and board-certified oncologists. Leveraging human-centered design, mobile technology, machine learning and data science, Iris excels at recognizing and addressing the complex relationship between physical and emotional side effects among individuals with cancer.

“By helping members address side effects of cancer treatment and support their emotional well-being, we can improve quality of life and help ease the physical and financial burdens associated with cancer care,” said Dr. Kevin Ronneberg, medical director with HealthPartners, in the news release.

With Iris by OncoHealth, HealthPartners’ members can now embrace a more informed, supported and empowered approach to combat cancer, knowing that expert assistance is just a click away, anytime, anywhere. This transformative platform is poised to redefine the landscape of cancer care, elevating the quality of life for patients and their families throughout their entire journey.

Other Digital Cancer Care Programs

Several digital cancer care programs are currently available in the market. Last year, PAVmed, a diverse commercial-stage medical technology company, made a significant announcement. Their majority-owned digital health subsidiary, Veris Health, successfully launched the Veris Cancer Care Platform (Veris CCP). This advanced digital cancer care platform integrates physiological data collection, symptom reporting and telehealth functions, aiming to enhance personalized cancer care through remote patient monitoring.

Under the Veris CCP program, cancer patients have access to a VerisBox containing Veris-branded Bluetooth-enabled connected healthcare devices. These devices transmit critical clinical data to the cancer care team through the Veris CCP patient smartphone app and the cloud-based Veris CCP clinician portal. By leveraging this technology, the cancer care team can detect early signs of common cancer-related complications, analyze longitudinal trends in physiological and clinical data and provide data-driven risk management tools for precision oncology. Additionally, the practice employs Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) codes to facilitate billing for the review and interpretation of this essential clinical data.