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Quartesian Announces Partnership with Veeva for Clinical Data Management

Quartesian Announces Partnership with Veeva for Clinical Data Management

Quartesian announces partnership with Veeva to help build studies for sponsors, faster.

A multinational clinical research organization, Quartesian, that serves in the biopharmaceutical and medical device industries, announced their membership in Veeva’s new partner program. This program helps in building studies for sponsors faster using Veeva Vault EDC.

The Veeva Vault EDC provides clinical trials with a fast and intuitive interface that captures and reviews data from sites. This eliminates constraints and allows clients to run the trial in a modern EDC system.

“Quartesian has established a reputation as a clinical data leader by combining high quality results with speed and efficiency.  I am proud to see our clinical data-focused solution strategy continue to advance as the first Veeva partner to complete training for Vault EDC,” said Stephen Boccardo, senior VP of business development and commercial strategy at Quartesian.

Furthermore, the Veeva Vault EDC’s design configures casebooks that allows Quartesian to collaborate effectively with sponsors while building the process to make changes to the case report forms in real-time.

The Veeva Vault EDC reduces the time needed to build a study database allowing the data collection process to start sooner. In other words, the EDC accelerates study cycle times, runs the study you want, provides clean data faster and is part of a connected clinical suite.

“Our partnership with Veeva helps life sciences to accelerate their trials and mitigate risk with Quartesian’s experienced rapid implementation support. Quartesian has already started five studies for oncology and medical device customers using Veeva EDC and we have several more in the pipeline,” said Soumitra Chowdhury, COO at Quartesian.

“The Veeva team built the study based on the original protocol in just six weeks. That reduced our typical database build by 50 percent… Our second study went even faster,” said Evelyn Dorsey, the associate director of data management at Cara Therapeutics, a biotechnology company focusing on pharmaceutical product development for better pruritus and pain management.

According to a statement, “Veeva is enabling CROs to build studies faster using Veeva Vault EDC through a new partner program. Ten global CROs, including five of the top seven largest CROs, are already part of the program to configure studies for sponsors.”