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How to Stay Food Safety Compliant and Be Inspection Ready, Even During a Pandemic

How to Stay Food Safety Compliant and Be Inspection Ready, Even During a Pandemic

A Hybrid GMP Inspection program, including a virtual desktop review of your GMP program, followed by an unannounced site inspection, can help ensure food safety compliance.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the way consumers shop and food manufacturers operate, food safety remains a top priority for all stakeholders. The entire food supply chain is committed to meeting this expectation despite the fact that our new normal is changing from day-to-day.

Many companies have successfully transitioned their meetings, events and even happy hours to virtual platforms to meet social distancing recommendations. But can those same platforms help companies continue to meet food safety expectations?

In response to the pandemic and to support the supply chain’s ability to meet food safety expectations, AIB International has launched Hybrid GMP Inspections. Just like our highly regarded GMP Inspections, the Hybrid GMP Inspection is based on our Consolidated Standards for Inspection and aims to provide retailers and consumers with assurance of Good Manufacturing Practices. Our innovative Hybrid GMP Inspection program includes a virtual desktop review of your GMP program, followed by an unannounced site inspection to be performed within six months of the desktop review.

This program can help manufacturers:

  • Maintain certification
  • Uphold food safety culture
  • Avoid production interruptions
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Build trust with customers and consumers

Our customer Amcor realized these benefits early in the pandemic. A leader in manufacturing rigid plastic packaging for food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, Amcor had also pivoted to produce protective face shields for healthcare workers. It was critical that they remain operational.

The challenge was that they had 18 sites that needed GMP audits fast, as their GMP Inspection certificates were expiring soon. But travel in the US was restricted during the pandemic, so an auditor could not get on site. Their dedication to food safety and excellence meant letting their certificates expire, even during a pandemic, was simply not an option. So how did they maintain their certificates without having an auditor set foot in their facility in the short-term? A Hybrid GMP Inspection. You can download our full case study on Amcor’s experience and results to learn more.

Entire teams are able to join and benefit from the interactive and educational process from wherever they are. It can also provide a cost savings, as there is one day less travel expense involved than with a traditional inspection, while providing the same high standard of service and expertise. That cost savings means that Hybrid GMP Inspections can also serve as a long-term option after the pandemic has passed.

The world of food manufacturing may be changing, but food safety standards are not. With Hybrid GMP Inspections, AIB International will provide you with the virtual solutions to keep your facility operational and raise your standard for food safety, even during this new normal. Learn more in this free webinar.

This article was created in collaboration with the sponsoring company and the Xtalks editorial team.