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Human Resources and Career Development

Browse through a wide range of topics from human resources, career development, career coaching and recruiting 101. This collection of webinars delves into the best recruitment practices, diversity and inclusion practices, leadership coaching and many more resources for recruitment or human resources professionals.

The recruiting industry is constantly evolving – job seekers need to find creative ways to stand out and employers need to utilize efficient methods to find the best candidate. Life science professionals looking to find their place in the industry will likely find valuable information to support them in their career search. Whether they be in-person or remote positions, there is something for everyone in this collection.

Through the pandemic, life science companies have devoted more resources into R&D, which led to the development of new innovations. With many already accustomed to working from home, recruiters have re-evaluated their strategies for finding employees. Location has become less of a barrier to recruiting the right people, which is encouraging as a job seeker.

With the incredible need for life science, medical device, healthcare and other science professionals, the industry is seeing a rise in job opportunities with new and varied skill sets – a exciting time for both job seekers and employers. This series of webinars aims to overcome some of the challenges, support recruitment efforts and meet the changing industry needs.

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