ADME and Drug-Drug Interaction Considerations During Drug Development

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  • Tuesday, August 29, 2023

In vitro ADME and drug-drug interaction (DDI) investigations are early activities in the drug development process that are critical for framing downstream decision making. Understanding the ADME properties and DDI risks of a compound avoids unnecessary clinical studies, costs, delays and more.

This webinar will provide insights at a high-level related to regulatory drivers, investigatory objectives and practical concerns for such studies. Participants will gain insight into the specific needs and utility for in vitro ADME and DDI investigations in the drug development process. Regulatory expectations will be reviewed as will points of particular interest for enabling successful achievement of investigatory goals and submissions.

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Andrew G. Taylor, BioIVT

Andrew G. Taylor, PhD, ADME Technical Sales Specialist, BioIVT

Dr. Andrew G. Taylor received his PhD from the University of California, San Diego. He joined BioIVT as a Research Scientist at XenoTech in 2017, serving as a Study Director in nonclinical drug interaction contract studies compliance with Good Laboratory in Practices (GLP), OECD Principles of GLP, &/or Japan MOHW GLP Standards and specializing in drug transport and drug metabolism studies. He became the Technical Support Manager for services in 2020 to provide valuable guidance to ensure research needs are being met and now serves as an ADME Technical Sales Specialist.

Message Presenter

Who Should Attend?

Drug development researchers, scientists, industry experts and professionals:

  • Aiming for successful IND/NDA submission
  • Needing to meet regulatory requests and expectations
  • Desiring to formulate a development plan that is as efficient and cost-effective as possible and mitigates risks of late stage failure
  • Simply wanting to better understand the ADME properties and potential drug-drug interaction (DDI) risks of their compound

What You Will Learn

Attendees will learn:

  • Why run in vitro ADME & drug-drug interaction (DDI) studies?
  • Predominant types of studies
  • When to conduct these studies
  • Areas of concern: Proper design & interpretation

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