Advantages of BD Vacutainer® CPT™ Tubes on the Intelligentia™ Immunogenomic Platform

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  • Thursday, April 30, 2020

How the Cell Preparation Tube Supported the Development of a Novel RNAseq Methodology

In this webinar, our featured speakers will discuss how the BD Vacutainer® CPTTM Mononuclear Cell Preparation Tube is an integral component of Immunis.AI’s novel Intelligentia™ immunogenomic ‘liquid biopsy’ platform and how key features of the BD Vacutainer® CPTTM tube allow for greater sample integrity and higher throughput testing.

Immunis.AI developed the Intelligentia™ platform to enhance early detection and assessment of cancer and other diseases. Their patented approach measures the gene expression of purified populations of phagocytic (CD14+) immune cells and non-phagocytic (CD2+) lymphocytes, using each patient’s CD2+ cells as his/her own internal control. Although their patents cover a multi-omic approach, presently they focus on RNA sequencing (RNAseq) to interrogate the differential gene expression of phagocytes and lymphocytes. They apply a process of subtraction-normalization to quantify the RNA expression delta between the two types of blood cells, thus yielding a disease-specific signal of underlying pathology by removing inherent (epi)genomic variability.

This presentation covers the significant challenges associated with the isolation of the immune cells of interest and maintaining sample integrity during transportation to the laboratory, and how the implementation of the BD Vacutainer® CPTTM tube underpinned their successful approach.


Elyse Marriott MS, MLS(ASCP)CM, Laboratory Technologist, Immunis.AI

Elyse has been working with Immunis.AI for over 6 years on the development of the current platform. After joining the company, Elyse, along with her colleagues, focused on product development and process improvements to enable the immunogenomic platform as we know it today.

Message Presenter

Dr. Kirk J Wojno, Chief Medical Officer, Immunis.AI

Dr. Wojno is the Chief Medical Officer at Immunis.AI where he works closely with clinicians and laboratory scientists to develop and transform modern molecular laboratory next generation sequencing patient data into relevant and clinically useful information that impacts patients’ lives. During his 30 year career as a board-certified anatomic and clinical pathologist, he has served as a laboratory director, medical director, director of clinical research and faculty member for many prestigious institutions.

Message Presenter

Who Should Attend?

Physicians, scientists and laboratorians focused on immunogenomic research who are seeking improved methods for sample collection and shipping to enhance signal integrity for analysis

What You Will Learn

  • What makes the Immunis.AI platform different from other liquid biopsies
  • How the BD Vacutainer® CPTTM Tube helps yield higher sample throughput
  • How the BD Vacutainer® CPTTM Tube protects and increases the number of cells collected

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Immunis.AI is a privately held immunogenomics company committed to empowering patients and their physicians with actionable information for disease detection and treatment decision-making. Our patented approach leverages the power of the body’s own immune system, next-generation RNA sequencing and machine learning to provide unique insights into disease biology. Our Intelligentia™ platform enhances early detection, at the point of immune escape, when there is the greatest opportunity for cure.

For more information, please visit Immunis.AI

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