AI and Robotics in Cell Line Development: Enhancing Efficiency and Accuracy

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  • Thursday, April 04, 2024

In the specialized field of cell line development, researchers are constantly grappling with the challenges of maintaining high-throughput efficiency and ensuring clonality, often constrained by manual processes and the intricacies of analyzing sophisticated cell lines. In this webinar, the attendees will gain insights into the latest advancements in high-resolution multi-plane whole well imaging and the impact of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered image analysis on clonality decisions and optimal close selection.

Whether the aim is to expedite biopharmaceutical production or advance novel cell-based therapies, the expert speakers will share their insights into digital and physical automation to enhance research outcomes and ensure reproducibility and scalability.

They will also explore how Cell Metric X (CMX), with its foundation in industry-leading innovation, is redefining efficiency and accuracy in cell line development, addressing the sector’s critical needs and propelling biotechnological advancements.

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Anna Davidson, Advanced Instruments, LLC.

Anna Davidson, Lead Computational Biologist, Advanced Instruments, LLC

Anna Davidson has the position of Lead Computational Biologist at Advanced Instruments, based in the UK. Anna has an integrated MSc in Neuroscience from The University of Nottingham. She currently works within the R&D department at Advanced Instruments, looking for new areas within cell line development workflows where artificial intelligence could be applied. She has worked previously within the Applications team for cloning and culturing iPSC, CHO and HEK cell lines, but is now focused on driving forward artificial intelligence within the Solentim Portfolio. Since joining she has been involved with the production, validation and deployment of new neural network-based approaches for multiple CLD processes.

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Sivane Koskas, Advanced Instruments, LLC

Sivane Koskas, Global Product Manager Cell Metric Portfolio, Advanced Instruments, LLC

Sivane Koskas serves as the Global Product Manager for the Cell Metric Portfolio at Advanced Instruments. With a foundational background in cancer genomics from her PhD studies, Sivane transitioned from academic research at the INSERM/CNRS Institute for Advanced Biosciences to a career focused on bridging scientific innovation with practical applications in the biotech industry. Her journey through roles in product marketing and management has been marked by a dedication to applying her scientific expertise to enhance product development and market strategies. At Advanced Instruments, Sivane continues to contribute her knowledge and skills towards advancing the Cell Metric Portfolio, aiming to meet the evolving needs of the cell line development community with thoughtful and effective solutions.

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Who Should Attend?

This webinar will appeal to:

  • Bioprocessing Scientists and Engineers looking to transition from traditional CLD methods to advanced AI-enhanced workflows
  • Researchers and Specialists in CLD seeking to improve clonality assurance and streamline single-cell detection through high-resolution imaging
  • Biotechnologists and CLD professionals focused on advanced therapeutics and high-throughput screening, especially those working with challenging cell lines like iPSCs and MSCs
  • Individuals interested in the integration of robotics and AI in bioprocessing, aiming for higher efficiency and process optimization in their CLD tasks

What You Will Learn

Attendees will learn about:

  • Adaptable automation solutions: Discover the Cell Metric X portfolio’s range, offering versatile levels of automation for every cell line development (CLD) need right from sample handling to advanced robotics, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual errors
  • AI-powered data analysis: Discover the role of AI in automating the digital aspects of CLD, including sophisticated image analysis for accurate cell line evaluation and optimal clone selection
  • Application in complex cell lines: Learn about the application of CMX in analyzing some of the most challenging cell lines, such as pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), through whole well imaging, ensuring detailed and reliable results

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Advanced Instruments

Advanced Instruments is a global company offering a novel portfolio of analytical tools including, OsmoTECH®, a robust line of micro-osmometers to support bioprocessing and quality control (QC), and Solentim, a portfolio of best in class imaging and single-cell deposition technologies for cell line development workflows and assurance of clonality for regulatory bodies.

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