This webinar focuses on the new era of MedTech: Cloud-powered Medical Devices. The expert speakers will focus on the key considerations, innovative strategies and provide insights on best practices for building sophisticated devices and systems that fully leverage the cloud. The webinar is tailored for Senior Product Managers and R&D Developers who are looking to revolutionize patient care, enhance traditional product platforms, streamline device management or ensure top-tier data security and compliance.

Also, the discussion will be foundational to unlocking the potential of the cloud without the possible technical, operational and regulatory complexities it could introduce. The expert speakers will provide a solid foundational overview of cloud technology and its pivotal role in modern medical device architecture, including infrastructure, platforms and services. They will also discuss how cloud connectivity affects a medical device, balancing the benefits and challenges.

The presentation will explore best practices in design and development that enhance device functionality and user experience and ensure seamless integration and scalability in the healthcare ecosystem. Moreover, strategies to successfully navigate complex regulations (HIPAA, GDPR, and other international standards) and learn best practices for risk assessment, data encryption, access controls, and the management of cybersecurity threats in cloud environments will be discussed.

Finally, the speakers will conclude with a focus on strategies that ensure the highest quality of cloud-powered medical devices, including validation, verification, continuous monitoring and quality management systems.

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Daniel Adler, BioT

Daniel Adler, Co-Founder & CEO, BioT

Daniel Adler, the CEO and Co-Founder of BioT Medical, is distinguished by his vast experience in IT, Internet, telecommunications and cybersecurity. Leading BioT Medical, Daniel has been instrumental in creating a cloud-based platform designed for medical and pharma companies, focusing on secure and compliant patient-caregiver connectivity. Prior to BioT, he made significant contributions at Valens Semiconductor as the head of the Automotive Business Unit and managed various segments including healthcare. His tenure at Digital Clues and NICE Systems showcases his deep involvement in cybersecurity, where he played a pivotal role in strategic partnerships and business development.

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Adam Jacobs, Sunrise Labs, Inc

Adam Jacobs, Chief Technology Officer, Sunrise Labs, Inc

Adam Jacobs is a senior-level technology leader with proven success in R&D, medical device development and product innovation. Before joining Sunrise, he was Executive Director of Engineering at KMC Systems and Vice President of R&D for Datascope, Melasciences, and JADS Technologies. He also worked with Dr. Victor Parsonnet on cardiac signal processing and impedance spectroscopy.

Adam holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and studied Computer Science at Stanford University. He is a Guest Lecturer at MIT and the Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science. He holds 15 US and other international patents and was awarded the NY Intellectual Property Law Association Inventor of the Year award.

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John Miller, BioT

(Moderator) John Miller, VP Americas, BioT

John Miller is BioT’s Vice President Americas, leading their go-to-market efforts with clients and partners.

John brings to the role extensive experience helping life science clients create platforms and solutions from a diverse set of technologies: app dev, analytics, data and cloud.

Most recently, John led US client management for the medical device and semiconductor industries at Mendix (acquired by Siemens). Clients leveraged lowcode application development to build and deploy custom, cloud-based applications for digital thread, supply chain, regulatory and connected customers use cases.

Previously, he ran go-to-market strategies in the eastern and central US at an Israel-based startup Elastifile (acquired by Google). The first US clients leveraged Elastifile and GCP to run high-performance genomics and drug discovery workloads on the cloud.

In addition, John has worked in both the US and UK in global sales and product management roles for EMC and NCR and in management at a privately-held marketing firm.

John holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Columbia University and lives in Charlotte, NC.

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Who Should Attend?

This webinar will appeal to:

  • Senior Medical Device Product Managers
  • Senior Medical Device R&D Developers
  • CTO, CEO, CXO in medical device companies

What You Will Learn

Attendees will learn about:

  • Cloud computing fundamentals: The pivotal role of cloud technology in modern medical device architecture, including infrastructure, platforms and services in addition to the impact of cloud connectivity on medical devices, weighing its advantages and challenges
  • Design excellence and user experience: Best practices in design and development that not only enhance device functionality and user experience but also ensure seamless integration and scalability within the healthcare ecosystem
  • Navigating regulations and security: How to successfully maneuver the complex regulations (HIPAA, GDPR and other international standards) and the best practices for risk assessment, data encryption, access controls and the management of cybersecurity threats in cloud environments

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BioT provides a cloud platform for building medical devices that serve remote users from clinical study to full-scale commercialization. Unique for its self-service, regulated modules, BioT enables developers to launch and update medical solutions quickly while alleviating regulatory and cybersecurity risks. The platform supports over 100,000 FDA-approved devices across various clinical domains for over 30 MedTech customers.

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