Bispecific Antibody Therapeutics: Challenges and Future Directions

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  • Monday, June 17, 2024 | 10am EDT (NA) / 3pm BST (UK) / 4pm CEST (EU-Central)
  • 60 min

Discover an informative webinar that focuses on the diverse architectures of bi-specific antibody (bsAb) therapeutics and highlights the innovative strategies employed for their production.

Bi-specific antibodies (bsAbs) demonstrate novel functionalities that yield remarkable promise in improving the drug therapeutic efficacy through the recognition and targeting of two different antigens or epitopes. Although the optimized purification of mAbs serves as a good starting point for the purification of bsAbs, further optimization is challenging due to the differences in their intrinsic structure.

In this webinar, the expert speaker will provide insights into the various architectures of BsAbs, focusing on strategies for production.

Register for this webinar today to gain insights into the unique challenges and innovative solutions in bispecific antibody therapeutics, their ability to target dual antigens and the diverse architectures that enhance therapeutic efficacy.


Dr. Robert Ford, GenScript Biotech (Europe)

Rob Ford, Field Application Scientist, GenScript Biotech

As a Field Application Scientist at GenScript, Rob Ford applies his knowledge and expertise in biochemistry, protein chemistry and protein expression to support the biotech and pharmaceutical community and helps to provide solutions for difficult biological problems. Rob has a PhD in Biochemistry and an MSc in Chemical Biology from the University of Leeds.

Message Presenter

Who Should Attend?

This webinar will appeal to:

  • Biomedical researchers
  • Biotech industry professionals
  • Immunologists
  • Pharmaceutical Scientists
  • Clinical Trial Coordinators
  • Researchers working in computational biology, molecular modeling, bioinformatics and immunoinformatics

What You Will Learn

Attendees will learn about:

  • The unique functionalities of bi-specific antibodies (bsAbs) in targeting two antigens simultaneously
  • Challenges in optimizing bsAbs purification due to differences in their intrinsic structures
  • Insights into diverse bsAbs architectures and strategies for efficient production
  • Cutting-edge approaches aimed at overcoming production hurdles for bsAbs

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GenScript is the leading contract research organization in the world providing gene, peptide, protein, CRISPR, and antibody. Since its foundation in 2002, GenScript has grown exponentially through partnerships with scientists conducting fundamental life science research, translational biomedical research, and early stage pharmaceutical development. The company is recognized as having built a best-in-class capacity and capability for biological research services, encompassing gene synthesis, peptide synthesis, custom antibody and protein engineering, and in vitro and in vivo pharmacology – all with the goal to Make Research Easy.

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