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Fundamental Research

Fundamental research webinars deliver content primarily focused on basic science research. Fundamental research involves developing an understanding of biological processes as well as technologies at their most basic level, without necessarily having immediate application in drug development or healthcare. However, discoveries like the thermostable Taq polymerase used in PCR came out of these very fundamental discoveries, demonstrating their critical role in life science research and future applications.

Investigating the biological processes underlying health and pathologies is key to developing our understanding of disease mechanisms. This includes the identification of molecular targets that underlie disease, which may be actionable through therapeutic targeting. Discovery drugs screens also aid in target selection through cell-based and other molecular readouts. Developing robust preclinical models to study disease biology and evaluate drugs in is key in drug development. Acquiring these fundamental insights and testing platforms paves the path towards clinical development.

Topics in fundamental research webinars include protein structure prediction, genome sequencing tools and even strategies to avoid predatory journals. It also includes insights and research into laboratory technologies that lie at the core of fundamental research. This includes next-generation sequencing technologies that allow for genomic and transcriptomic profiling to elucidate disease-associated gene expression signatures. Proteomic tools including mass spectrometry, chromatography and peptide synthesis allow for functional insights into disease biology and assessing therapeutic responses.

The design of therapeutics including biologics, small molecule inhibitors and vaccines also involves the use of fundamental research tools and approaches. Check out our collection of fundamental research webinars for the latest developments in our understanding of biology, including disease biology, as well as the tools that enable these insights.

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