Discrete Choice Experiment: How to Run a Preference Study with the DCE Methodology

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  • Friday, June 25, 2021

A Preference study is a must have for any patient-centric organization when decisions have to be made to drive a product development and ensure it meets patients’ expectations.

Among the different approaches possible, the Discrete Choice Experiment is now recognized as a gold standard and yet, few projects using this methodology have been shared.

Are you interested in Preference study?… You have heard about DCE, but not sure whether this approach is the most appropriate for you? You want to know how to define such a project and understand outcomes you would expect from?… Come and join us! During this webinar, we will share Carenity’s expertise in leading preference studies using DCE and you’ll have the opportunity to hear about one of our customer experiences. Do not hesitate, register now!


Lise Radoszycki, Chief Operating Officer, Carenity

Lise is Carenity’s Chief Operating Officer – Now part of the EvidentIQ Group. She oversees and coordinates the actions of the Data Science team which produces real-life studies, along with all digital projects and strategy to grow and engage the platform’s communities. She co-chairs Carenity’s Science and Ethics Committee.

Lise Radoszycki is a Method and Models statistic engineer with a degree from INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences) in Toulouse, France. She also studied at the Universidad de Guadalajara (Mexico). She’s an active member of AFCRO (French CRO Association) and participates in the European think-tank Health Data Institute.

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Nawal Bent-Ennakhil, Takeda

Nawal Bent-Ennakhil, Lead Epidemiologist, Takeda

Nawal is Lead Epidemiologist at Takeda. Nawal is an epidemiologist by training. She has been leading Real World Evidence projects for more than 10 years now. She held several positions within HEOR and RWE teams and she is now lead Epidemiologist at Takeda EUCAN. Nawal has been closely managing the DCE-Preference Study Project with Carenity.

She will share her experience of collaborating with Carenity on such a project. She will explain why the DCE methodology has been chosen, what were the challenges of such methodology, how Carenity’s Team support Takeda EUCAN with the methodology its deployment and analysis of the results, what have been the main learnings of this methodology and how results will be used by Takeda EUCAN.


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Who Should Attend?

  • HEOR
  • Market Access
  • Medical Affairs
  • C-level, VP, Directors

What You Will Learn

Lise will share some guidelines and tips from her experience at Carenity. Nawal will explain how Takeda has built a preference study with Carenity and how this project helped to uncover patients’ preferences. The main takeaway points will be:

  • What is a Discrete Choice Experiment methodology?
  • What is the value of DCE?
  • How to build a preference study using DCE?

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Carenity is a leading digital social platform supporting 500k patients and caregivers worldwide across 1,000+ illnesses. Carenity’s mission is to empower patients so they can share their experience with other patients living with the same conditions, find information, manage their illness, and advance medical knowledge by participating in online research studies. With its innovative platform, Carenity – the Patient Insights Company – delivers timely and compliant direct-to-patient research solutions to the life sciences industry that fuel the development of better medicines and services. Carenity is based in Paris, France, and is part of EvidentIQ, an international clinical data science group with offices around the world.

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