Enhancing Profits with Ancient Seeds: Spotlight on Sesame

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  • Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Sesame Plant equinom

Considered to be the oldest oilseed known to mankind, growing in drought-like conditions where other crops fail, sesame proves to be a low maintenance crop with promising return. The global sesame market is worth almost $10 billion making this ancient seed an attractive prospect.

To meet the world’s growing demands for sesame, Equinom has developed non-GMO sesame varieties with a host of super traits for increased profitability as part of its Smarter Sesame program. These varieties boast superior nutritional profiles, higher-yield, shatter-resistance (allowing conversion to mechanical harvesting) and the ability to be grown in new geographical locations. As a result, these incredible advancements help local farmers to eliminate waste, boost oil-yield by up to 100%, improve quality and reduce the crop’s global footprint – all in turn increasing profits.

Thanks to a combination of cutting-edge computational science and nature’s finest, Equinom can successfully breed sesame with nutritional profiles tailor-made for a variety of innovative and commercial products, including baking, confectionary, sesame paste, oil and flour. Not only can these super-trait seeds be designed on demand, the generated varieties can serve as a game-changer for food companies that want full control of their supply chain to ensure food traceability and safety. Equinom’s locally grown high-quality sesame ensures consumers get clean, nutritious products from seed-to-table.

In this webinar, attendees will learn how to increase profitability with Equinom’s Smarter Sesame. Topics of discussion will include a current market overview, the benefits of Equinom’s varieties across the supply chain (mainly from handling to buyers’ hands), lowered risks and increased profitability with Smarter Sesame, how Equinom can design a seed to perfectly match an application and the importance of food traceability and safety.



Rick Mignella,Equinom

Rick Mignella, EVP and Managing Director, Equinom

Rick Mignella is a senior executive and business leader with more than 25 years of experience in the food and ingredient industries. His customer-centric approach merges food and ingredient expertise with innovation and high-impact business skills to help global companies reach their objectives and expand revenue. Mignella has a deep understanding of the market from ideation to shelf, which has enabled him to identify synergies and establish collaborative partnerships throughout the supply chain.

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Itay Dana , Equinom

Itay Dana, VP of Marketing, Equinom

Itay Dana plans and executes strategies, tactics and programs to generate awareness of, and interest in Equinom – to promote product demand. He cultivates partnerships and marketing channels for Equinom’s innovative product portfolio. Dana’s expertise in agri-tech includes roles as Senior Director of Strategy & Business Development at Lycored, where he led technology scouting, partnership programs and marketing. He was also Head of Food Innovation at Galam Group, as well as CTO and QA Manager at Cham Foods. Dana earned his BSc in biotechnology and food engineering and his master’s degree in business administration.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Food manufacturers, CPG companies and supply chain
  • Procurement / Sourcing functions – Conventional and Organic Sesame Buyers
  • Sesame Traders / Import & Export functions
  • Agronomy companies and suppliers
  • Biotechnology companies
  • Food ingredients and innovation
  • VP or Director Operations – Grain processing, food manufacturing
  • R&D and Innovation titles

What You Will Learn

  • An overview of the current sesame market
  • The benefits of Equinom’s varieties across the supply chain – mainly from handling to buyers hands
  • How Smarter Sesame can increase profitability and lower risks
  • How Equinom can design a seed to perfectly match an application
  • The importance of food traceability and safety

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Equinom is a seed breeding company that uses DNA sequencing and proprietary algorithms to make the breeding process more efficient. The company has used this technology to produce varieties of legumes, sesame, and quinoa.

Equinom has developed a new breeding methodology that integrates the breeder’s skills with massive genomic and phenomic data sets. The technology enables the company to breed non-GMO varieties while achieving high levels of accuracy and efficiency. Its algorithms perform genome-wide selection with the goal of developing varieties with maximum market value.

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