The Forefront of Radiopharmaceuticals: History of α-Emitters with a Focus on Radiobiology, Physics and Clinical Considerations

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  • Tuesday, September 26, 2023

CRO and Biotech Discuss Advancements in Radiotherapy

In an upcoming webinar, a Medpace Radiation Oncologist and Radiation Clinical Pharmacologist are joined by a biotech Molecular Imaging Director, and an academic Medical Physicist to cover considerations in α-particle therapy.

While alpha emitter isotope therapy, radium, has been available for over a hundred years, there is renewed promise for targeted alpha therapy in treating advanced and metastatic tumors. There are recent reports showing impressive safety and tumor response with α-particle therapy across many solid tumor populations.

In this webinar, Medpace will review:

  • History of alpha emitting radionuclides
  • Radiobiologic considerations for Ra-223, Actinium 225, Lead 212
  • Concepts for radiation planning and personalized dosimetry
  • Optimal approaches for pharmacokinetics
  • Medical considerations necessary to design a successful α-RPT clinical trial

Register today to hear from Jess Guarnaschelli, MD, Radiation Oncology Senior Medical Director, Jason Anderson Medpace Clinical Pharmacologist, Biostatistician; Michael A. Lamba, PhD, Medical Physicist, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine; and A. Omer Nawaz, PhD, Senior Director of Radiation Sciences and Molecular Imaging, Fusion Pharmaceuticals Inc., to discuss the emerging developments in dosimetry, radiopharmaceuticals, radiation therapy and radiation oncology.



Jess Guarnaschelli, Medpace

Jess Guarnaschelli, MD, Senior Medical Director, Medical Department, Medpace

Dr. Jess Guarnaschelli is board-certified by the American Board of Radiology in Radiation Oncology, Radiation Biology and Radiation Physics. She brings more than twenty years of experience in clinical research, academia, and clinical radiation oncology. Dr. Guarnaschelli is well-versed in Phase I radiopharmaceutical clinical trial design having worked with many radioisotopes, radiopharmaceuticals, and solid tumor indications. Prior to joining Medpace, Dr. Guarnaschelli served at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. During her academic and clinical career, she focused on novel treatments and innovative imaging techniques for patients with solid malignancies. She was the principal investigator (PI) on numerous clinical trials and received several funding awards. Dr. Guarnaschelli has held nationally recognized leadership positions and is a frequently invited speaker at national and international conferences. She has served on boards and advisory committees, remaining active in several that are focused on radiation initiatives.

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Jason T. Anderson, Medpace

Jason T. Anderson, PharmD, PhD Senior Clinical Pharmacologist, Biostatistics Department, Medpace

Dr. Jason Anderson obtained both his PharmD and his PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from The Ohio State University. He has over 10 years of combined experience in both the preclinical and clinical oncology drug development space. Prior to joining the Medpace team, he was a pediatric pharmacist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. During his tenure at Medpace, Dr. Anderson has led a multitude of Phase I-IV trials, providing subject matter support within radiopharmaceuticals studies – focusing on the pharmacokinetics of both alpha and beta emitting radiopharmaceuticals. He is a member of the Medpace Radiopharmaceutical Expert Forum.

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Michael A. Lamba, University of Cincinnati

Michael A. S. Lamba, PhD, Radiation Oncology Physicist, University of Cincinnati

Michael Lamba has three decades of experience as a Board-Certified physicist in Radiation Oncology at the University of Cincinnati, where he implemented techniques and technologies in radiotherapy. These include the development or early adoption of techniques such as total skin electron therapy, cranial and extracranial radiosurgery, modern treatment planning systems, stereotactic brachytherapy, intensity-modulated radiotherapy, image-guided radiotherapy, and proton therapy. He is versed in dosimetric modeling, tumor treatment objectives, normal tissue constraints, and radiobiological techniques. Additionally, he has taught and mentored students in the Medical Physics program and is an active member of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine.

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Omer Nawaz, Fusion Pharma

A. Omer Nawaz, PhD, DABR, Senior Director, Radiation Sciences and Molecular Imaging, Fusion Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Dr. A. Omer Nawaz is a board-certified Medical Physicist with the American Board of Radiology and completed his medical physics residency at Thomas Jefferson University hospital. Prior to joining Fusion as the Senior Director of Radiation Sciences and Molecular Imaging, he held appointments at the top tier academic and clinical institutions in the US and was most recently Asst. Chief of Medical Physics at the University of Pennsylvania. With 19 years of clinical and academic research in radiation oncology, Dr. Nawaz has a broad range of expertise in all aspects of radiation medicine and radiation protection, including radiopharmaceuticals, proton therapy, image guided radiotherapy, stereotactic radiosurgery, high and low dose Brachytherapy as well as the underlying physics and radiobiology of these treatment modalities. In addition to being a scientific member in the ACR, AAPM, ASTRO, and SNMMI, he has several publications in peer-reviewed journals, oral and poster presentations at several national meetings, and is also an invited peer reviewer for several international scientific journals.

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Who Should Attend?

This webinar will appeal to CEOs, VPs, Directors, Managers and Department Heads working within:

  • Clinical Affairs
  • Clinical Research
  • Clinical Pharmacology
  • Clinical Outsourcing
  • Project Management 
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Medical Affairs

What You Will Learn

Attendees will learn about the following as it relates to radiopharmaceutical trials:

  • The history of alpha emitter therapy
  • Review of currently available alpha emitting isotopes: Pb 212, Ac 225, Ra 223
  • Concepts for personalized dosimetry for radiopharmaceuticals versus external beam therapy
  • Pharmacokinetic considerations
  • Medical considerations when designing a Phase 1 clinical trial for alpha emitter therapy in oncology

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