Fry Shortening Reduction Innovation and Bakery Savings

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  • Monday, February 26, 2024

Discover an innovative webinar uncovering the future of baking by indulging in Premium Recipe fry shortening reduction (FSR) innovation. In today’s challenging financial environment, bakers are looking for opportunities to continue providing outstanding products to their end customers and consumers and at the same time pursue the smart handling of ingredient input costs.

AB Mauri North America invites those looking for new technologies and solutions to hear more about the exciting Indulge FSR innovation that not only provides superior softening for fried, yeast-raised donuts but also significant cost-in-use monetary savings. This new FSR product also helps maintain excellent product quality with no negative effects on important factors like glaze adherence, texture, volume and extended shelf life.

New Indulge FSR solutions are also available in multiple formats to meet the desires of industrial and artisan bakers, including mix, base and concentrate varieties. Lastly, the product can also drive an important impact important to bakers today: sustainability. Indulge FSR can help bakers lessen their reliance on palm shortening.


Join Wes Snow and Kyle Christensen from AB Mauri North America for an exciting session about the benefits of less fat, more dough and the importance of accurate fat and moisture measurement.


Wes Snow, AB Mauri North America

Wes Snow, Technical Sales Director — Sweet Goods, AB Mauri North America

Wes Snow is the Technical Sales Director at Sweet Goods for AB Mauri North America. Snow has led the company’s expansion in sweet goods baking ingredient technology, application and service for industrial and artisan bakeries for the past four years. Prior to his nearly 14-year career with AB Mauri, he spent nearly seven years with HEB in both business development and brand management, a year with Ventura Foods on the technical service side and four years with Integrated Bakery Resources in research and development. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon State University in Nutrition, Food Product Development & Promotion.

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Kyle Christensen, Vice President — Product Management, AB Mauri North America

Kyle Christensen is the Vice President of Product Management for AB Mauri North America. Prior to being named to his current post in 2019, Christensen served as the strategic planning lead for bakery ingredients for seven years. Prior to his nearly 12-year career with AB Mauri, he spent a dozen years as the Finance Director for multiple organizations including ICS, Primelan Properties and nCUBE, Inc. He holds a Master of Accountancy degree from Brigham Young University.

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Who Should Attend?

This webinar will appeal to technical bakers as well as procurement, innovation and marketing personnel.

What You Will Learn

Attendees will gain insights into:

  • FSR technology provides up to 30 percent reduction in fry shortening uptake for substantial cost-in-use savings
  • No adverse effects on product quality
  • Easy-to-use mix, base and concentrate solutions to meet the needs of today’s bakers
  • Assistance in meeting environmental and sustainability goals

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AB Mauri North America

AB Mauri North America is a baking technology company that is passionate about baking and driven to assist customers achieve superior quality. Industrial and artisan bakers looking for a total resource – such as iconic Fleischmann’s Yeast, quality ingredients, exceptional process optimization and customized technical service and support – can rely on us. Our product portfolio features a variety of traditional and clean label ingredients including yeast, enzymes, baking powders, dough conditioners, softeners, oxidants, mold inhibitors, tortilla and frozen dough solutions, malts and syrups, and mixes, concentrates and blends for a variety of breads, pastries, doughnuts, biscuits, cookies, crackers and more.

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