IsoFlux Rare Cell Separation: Streamline Workflows & Sample Transport With BD Vacutainer® CPT Mononuclear Cell Preparation Tubes

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  • Tuesday, March 03, 2020

The IsoFlux system is a bench-top solution for high-sensitivity circulating tumor cell (CTC) enrichment and recovery from blood samples, including samples collected in the BD Vacutainer® CPT™ Mononuclear Cell Preparation Tube. Based on Fluxion’s patented microfluidics, the IsoFlux System combines the power of antibody-based magnetic bead separations with the precision of flow cytometry. The IsoFlux System’s superior performance is proven daily in labs around the world, setting standards for CTC isolation efficiency, purity and ease of use.

  • Validated using thousands of samples across key solid tumor types, including lung, colorectal, breast, prostate, pancreatic, kidney, liver bladder, etc.
  • Validated to recover CTCs even during early-stage disease

A key area of improvement has been improving pre-analytical IsoFlux protocol steps to reduce variability, eliminate the need for training skilled personnel, and reduce potential sample loss. Traditional Ficoll™ gradient processing methods require considerable skill and training. To help mitigate common blood sample handling challenges, we’ve turned to the BD Vacutainer® CPT™ Mononuclear Cell Preparation Tube, the only fully-closed system for peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) separation.

  • BD Vacutainer® CPT™ Mononuclear Cell Preparation Tubes:
  • Are ideal for operators of varying skill levels
  • Decrease the number of sample transfer steps before CTC separation, reducing the possibility for cell loss  as PBMC separation is carried out in the primary blood collection tube
  • Provide a solution for fast pre-processing and cryopreservation of PBMCs / CTC samples before processing

The BD Vacutainer® CPT™ Mononuclear Cell Preparation Tube may be used in a variety of downstream applications commonly used in life science research. It has been used by customers in conjunction with technologies such as Flow Cytometry, ELISPOT, Cell Culture, CTC Isolation and Single Cell Genomics, allowing for fast and simple sample processing.


Cristian Ionescu-Zanetti, PhD, Chief Technology Officer, Fluxion Biosciences

Cristian is a co-founder of Fluxion Biosciences and has been developing the company’s technology since its inception. Cristian’s passion is bringing ideas from concept to product. Together with Fluxion’s talented engineers and scientists, he’s brought three different instrumentation platforms to market. They are being used by clinical, translational, and basic researchers, and have contributed to hundreds of publications and clinical studies. Cristian holds a PhD in Physics from UC Santa Cruz and was a researcher at UC Berkeley, where key parts of Fluxion’s foundational intellectual property were developed.  Cristian has authored over 40 journal publications and holds over 16 patents and patent applications underlying Fluxion’s core technology.

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Who Should Attend?

This webinar will benefit those working in:

  • Clinical Reference Labs
  • Government Research Centers
  • Major Academic Research Centers
  • Cancer Centers
  • Biotech and Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Molecular Diagnostic Companies

Relevant job titles include:

  • Principal Investigator
  • Project Manager
  • Laboratory Director
  • VP/Director/Manager of Operations
  • VP/Director/Manager of Assay Development
  • VP/Director/Manager of Translational Research
  • VP/Director/Manager of Technology Development
  • Chief Scientific Officer
  • VP/Director/Manager of Business Development
  • Research Scientist /Lab Manager

With particular interest in:

  • Liquid biopsy
  • Cell isolation/cell separation
  • Circulating tumor cells
  • Immune cell isolation
  • Immunomagnetic separation

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the value and potential benefits of using BD Vacutainer CPT Mononuclear
  • Cell Preparation tube (CPT) vs. standard Ficoll. Use of CPT:
    • Can streamline sample collection and processing workflows by enabling PMBC separation in the primary blood collection tube, which saves time and labor costs
    • Reduces variability between multiple sites (decreases number and complexity of processing steps, and does not require extra reagents or consumables)
    • Reduces the risk of biohazard exposure
  • Understand the IsoFlux solution for high sensitivity CTC enrichment and recovery from blood samples

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Fluxion delivers advanced solutions that automate complex cell-based and cell-free assays. Products include ERASE-Seq for NGS analysis of cancer from a “liquid biopsy” blood sample, IsoFlux for circulating tumor cell analysis, BioFlux for functional analysis of cellular interactions, and the IonFlux automated patch clamp system. Hundreds of labs globally rely on Fluxion’s solutions to research novel biology, accelerate drug discovery, and tailor therapies based on patient-specific biomarkers.

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