Leveraging Medical Laboratory Data for Patient Recruitment

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  • Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Connecting real-world laboratory data from clinical sites and digitalizing patient data – the power of Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT) to change the trials of tomorrow

Digitalization continues to provide an impetus to move away from centralized, high-cost and difficult-to-access settings to more virtual, patient-centric and decentralized clinical trial (DCT) models. Our methods need to be more patient-centric, and we need to collaborate to find remote solutions.

Thanks to digitization, we can now decentralize clinical trials and put patient data in front of research success. In partnership with Biokortex, Cerba Research will show participants of this webinar a picture of the future: how clinical trials will look tomorrow. New technologies allow us to imagine a whole new process for drug development and assays. This new way of thinking reduces costs and enhance access to data.  The world is evolving fast, and we need to develop accordingly. Agility, adaptability and digitization need to be the new keywords for a more manageable and secure development.

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Adrien Ko, Biokortex

Adrien Ko, CEO, Biokortex

Dr. Adrien Ko is an MD-PhD Clinical Pathologist, Medical and Digital Advisor for Cerba Healthcare and CEO at Biokortex Company. Dr. Ko spent 5 years in medical research at Gustave Roussy Institute after his medicine internship. He is a specialist in lung cancer and cell death phenomena. He is the founder and CEO of Biokortex.

Biokortex (BIOKX) was created in 2017 and located in Paris, France. It is a start-up dedicated to providing IT solutions for process improvement in medical research and, more generally, in medicine. BIOKX wants to connect the players of the medical world and bring digital solutions to current unmet needs. BIOKX is the result of the experience of the founding team and numerous interactions with stakeholders about collaborative work organisation and the digitization of medicine. BIOKX is also positioned as a key advising company in digital strategy for medicine and its industrialized forms.

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Nele Langenaken, Cerba Research US

Nele Langenaken, Head of Cerba Research US

Nele Langenaken has been with Cerba Research since 1999. She started in Belgium HQ as a project manager. She was responsible for founding Cerba Research USA and currently holds the position of COO.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Biotechs, Mid Pharmas, Large Pharmas or CROs
  • Purchasing (Director or Above)
  • Clinical Trial (Director or Manager)

What You Will Learn

In this webinar, participants will be presented with:

  • An overview of Cerba Research Central Lab capacity and operations
  • An overview of the Cerba Healthcare network, which is comprised of 25 million patient visits per year from over 1,000 sites in Europe, Africa and North America
  • Cerba’s new solution to enable decentralized clinical trials
  • How to digitalize clinical trials with Cerba Research
  • Digital medicine and patient data management
  • Patient data allowing for data enrichment  within clinical trials

Xtalks Partner

Cerba Research

Headquartered in Ghent, Belgium, Cerba Research is a Global Central & Specialist Laboratory.

Our footprint includes 6 harmonised central lab locations in Ghent, New York, Johannesburg, Shanghai, Taipei & Sydney.

Complimentary to these central labs, our network of specialty labs support our core therapy expertise in three distinct areas – Oncology, Liver Indications & Infectious Disease. APH, Flow Cytometry Genomics, Metabolomics, Microbiology + Virology and Molecular Biology permit our clients to discern and select correct instruments, appropriate sensitivities / detection and techniques for true full service delivery.

Worthy of note too is our unique presence in Africa. Complimentary to our Central Lab operation in Johannesburg, Cerba has the largest network of Labs, Staff Pathologists and supporting Logistics in Africa.

From preclinical transition to the clinic, and on to commercialisation, supporting emerging and established biotech’s through to large global pharma clients, we are known and proud of our close partnering, higher frequency of contact and all round availability at your demand.

Our subject matter experts enjoy open collaboration at the pace our clients require to optimise their therapeutic development and draw those pivotal insights earlier. We partner with these clients to speed up their research and development whether it be in the area of discussing, agreeing and then delivery of specialized custom assays and panels, assay transfer, or perhaps overcoming operational peculiarities baked in to studies by way of challenges regarding stability of samples for testing. Every synopsis, protocol and study is unique and new challenges arise time after time. We are adept at meeting and overcoming those challenges and enjoying long standing and fruitful relationships with our sponsors.

We are ISO 15189 accredited, CAP CLIA accredited with no deficiencies cited to date, and with significant capabilities for testing under BSL3.

Cerba Research is the pharmaceutical development arm of Cerba Healthcare. Cerba Healthcare is a Headquartered in Paris, France, employs >8,500 staff, including over 130 staff pathologists and conducts 40 million tests annually.

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