Liquid Handling Performance & Quality Assurance: Gain Confidence with Game-Changing Strategies

Life Sciences, Laboratory Technology,
  • Thursday, August 10, 2023

In today’s climate of ever-increasing workloads and need for faster results, combined with staffing shortages, automation and standardization are key to success. Pipettes and liquid handlers are staples in most labs, with the trend to move towards lower volumes. Laboratories rely on those instruments for a variety of assays, from PCR to NGS library prep, from ELISA to HTS. These instruments are trusted to work as expected, and demonstrate the accuracy and precision needed to provide quality results, which help draw conclusions on a patient’s diagnosis or to launch a new drug on the market. With such high stakes, organizations need to ensure the verification of instrument performance and the proper training of staff responsible for handling the devices.

In this webinar, the featured experts will review the different instruments and workflows used for liquid handling, discuss and compare the different methods of calibration and volume verification available as they relate to lab regulations such as GMP, CLIA, ASTM and ISO, and discuss the importance of staff training. Through case studies and customer testimonials, the speakers will wrap up by demonstrating how Artel by Advanced Instruments can provide easy to use, efficient solutions to bring peace of mind to the liquid handling management process.

Join this webinar for an excursion in the world of liquid handling. Explore the instruments, calibration methods and staff training necessary to ensure accurate and reliable results.


Dr. Melinda Gold, Advanced Instruments, LLC.

Melinda Gold, PhD, Product Manager, Advanced Instruments, LLC.

Melinda Gold is a Product Manager at Advanced Instruments and liquid handling enthusiast. Her educational background is in computer science, public health and molecular biology. She has over a decade in product management experience supporting liquid handling instruments and consumables. Her education, research and work experience have given her the skills to develop and manage products affecting life science and public health.

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Candie Gilman, Advanced Instruments, LLC.

Candie Gilman, Education and Training Manager, Advanced Instruments, LLC.

With over 25 years of experience in technical product training and documentation, Candie Gilman is an Education & Training manager at Advanced Instruments. She leads the training teams’ effort for Artel’s liquid handling certificate programs, which include delivery of training classes, training content and media management. She has certified hundreds of laboratorians on pipette technique and worked with many companies to implement a robust in-house pipette quality management program.

Candie also provides after-sales support for products and services, assists with new hire training and maintains internal troubleshooting documentation and procedures. She is passionate about training and supporting customers and employees.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Automation Technologists & Engineers
  • Laboratory Operations Managers
  • Research Associates
  • Lab Scientists & Directors

What You Will Learn

Attendees will discover:

  • The importance of checking the performance of pipettes, liquid handlers and operators, and the various methodologies available to achieve accurate volume verification testing
  • How to elevate data quality by fine tuning pipetting technique with standardized staff proficiency training and by optimizing assays with solutions that mimic samples
  • The best ways to meet internal standards and regulatory requirements, manage compliance and improve processes, as they relate to lab regulations such as follow CLIA, GMP or ISO
  • How to boost productivity with Artel, which provides an extended platform to easily manage all liquid handling processes for critical assays across multiple instruments and sites and personnel all in one place

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Advanced Instruments is a global company offering a novel portfolio of analytical tools including, OsmoTECH®, a robust line of micro-osmometers to support bioprocessing and quality control (QC), and Solentim, a portfolio of best in class imaging and single-cell deposition technologies for cell line development workflows and assurance of clonality for regulatory bodies.

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