A Blood-Based Proteomic Classifier for the Molecular Characterization of Pulmonary Nodules: A Case Study in the Discovery and Validation of a Molecular Diagnostic Using Caprion’s Technology Platform

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  • Monday, December 09, 2013

The results of a major study were published recently in Science Translational Medicine (STM), which suggest that quantifying a combination of blood proteins can distinguish between benign lung nodules and early-stage lung cancer with high probability.

In this webinar hosted by Caprion Proteomics, learn about the details of the candidate identification, assay development, testing and results, beginning with the derivation of the initial list of candidates, to the identification of the five blood-based proteins, which together constitute the biomarker panel used in the commercial protein expression test, developed in collaboration with Integrated Diagnostics (InDi).

Specific topics covered by the speaker will include the use of Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM or SRM) technology as a critical factor in the successful development of a multi-protein classifier panel, as well as the various strategies used to ensure disease specificity and relevance in the final panel.



Daniel Chelsky, Chief Scientific Officer, Caprion Proteomics

Dan brings to Caprion Proteomics deep industrial experience in applying the CellCarta® proteomics platform to drug target and biomarker discovery. Prior to joining Caprion, Dan was President and General Manager of BioSignal Packard Inc. (a division of Perkin Elmer), where he oversaw development of novel technologies and reagents for drug discovery and genomics research, including the AlphaScreenTM and BRET2TM technologies and product lines. During his tenure at Pharmacopeia as Senior Director of Biology, Dan’s team identified a number of lead compounds from their in-house million member combinatorial chemistry libraries, resulting in multiple compounds in the clinic. Dan’s previous experience also includes positions at Onyx Pharmaceuticals and the DuPont Merck Pharmaceutical Company in cancer research.

Dan received a B.Sc. from UC Santa Barbara, his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Oregon Institute of Molecular Biology and was an American Cancer Society fellow at UC Berkeley.

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Pharma, biotech, government interested in biomarker discovery, verification, validation. Immunology, oncology, CNS, respiratory, infectious disease, toxicology, translational medicine, clinical assay development, molecular diagnostics

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Caprion is a world leading provider of proteomics-based biomarker services and immune monitoring solutions to the Pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Caprion’s proprietary proteomics technology, CELLCARTA ®, is a gel-free, label-free mass spectrometry platform that enables a comprehensive, quantitative and robust measurement of protein expression differences across large sets of biological samples.

We support a broad range of programs, including molecularly targeted therapies, personalized medicine initiatives, translational medicine, clinical trials, disease assessment, patient stratification and diagnostics development.

With research sites in Montreal, Canada and in Menlo Park, CA, Caprion has over a decade of experience providing large scale proteomics biomarker and drug target discovery and validation services for over 50 major clients in the Pharmaceutical, biotech and public sectors. Caprion also conducts internal programs aimed at discovering and developing novel in-vitro diagnostic markers for a variety of indications, including metabolic, infectious diseases and oncology, while serving as a biomarker center of excellence for the U.S. Government/NIH-NIAID for Biodefense research. Caprion Proteomics is a privately-held company owned by Chicago Growth Partners.

For more information, please visit www.caprion.com

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