Antigen Presentation – A Critical Step for Development of Immune Therapies

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  • Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Antigen presentation is essential for development of a robust immune response. Binding of an MHC-peptide complex by a T cell receptor is the initial and critical step for starting a new adaptive immune response or for regulating an ongoing one. Identification of effectively presented antigens is therefore a defining element for any successful immune therapy.

Direct observation of presented peptides by mass spectrometry has become required for novel epitope discovery. This approach is the most physiologically relevant way to detect the modified and unmodified peptides presented by any type of MHC. Additionally, mass spectrometry can be used to quantitate the peptide presentation to ensure that attractive targets are sufficiently expressed to trigger an immune reaction. The limiting factor has now become the quality of the mass spectrometry data generated.

This presentation will show examples of direct identification of novel presented peptides as well as survey the requirements for the industrialization of antigen presentation mass spectrometry to generate robust, reliable and quantitative measurements.

Designing a good immune therapy requires that an antigen is specific to the targeted pathology, as well as immunogenic. These factors are especially relevant for modern immune therapies that seek to engage the host response as part of the complete therapy. Antigen presentation by mass spectrometry should therefore be embedded in a broader, integrated, characterization of host immunity.

Specific characterizations include evaluation of wider host antigen presentation to assess target specificity, monitoring the status of the host microenvironment, as well as host immune exhaustion before and after antigen dosing to better understand the capacity to respond to the therapy.

This presentation will depict case studies addressing each of these components of successful immune therapy candidates that start with successful antigen presentation.


Eustache Paramithiotis, Caprion Biosciences Inc.

Eustache Paramithiotis, PhD, Vice-President, Research & Development, Caprion Biosciences Inc.

Dr. Eustache Paramithiotis has formal training in immunology (PhD, McGill University 1994; postdoctoral fellowship, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1997) and extensive experience in large scale biology with emphasis on infectious disease, immunology, cancer and metabolic disease. His expertise in translational medicine, in particular biomarker discovery and validation, includes the establishment of analytical and clinical validation programs and commercialization. Dr Paramithiotis is a seasoned senior manager and has been the principle investigator of several privately and publicly funded multi-year programs. Currently at Caprion, he is responsible for large scale collaborative programs, programs that lead to development of new service offerings, as well as for the discovery and advancement of biomarkers with clinical application potential.

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Who Should Attend?

This webinar will appeal to those in the biotech and pharma industries working in the departments/areas of infectious disease, immunology, vaccine and bioinformatics research in the following roles:

  • Founder/CEO/CSO
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • R&D Manager, Director
  • QC & Process Development Manager
  • Principal Scientist
  • Clinical Scientists
  • Research Scientist/Associate

What You Will Learn

In this webinar, attendees will learn about how:

  • Successful antigen presentation is required to initiate an immune response
  • The most physiologically relevant way to measure the full breadth of antigen presentation is by direct observation of presented peptides using mass spectrometry
  • The quality and robustness of the mass spectrometry data generation is a critical element
  • Antigen presentation is the initial critical element, but for successful immune therapy development, antigen presentation should be embedded in an integrated assessment of host immunity

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