Psychedelic Therapy: Is the Future of Mental Healthcare Finally Here?

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  • Thursday, March 21, 2024

Psychedelic therapy is at a crossroads. It holds immense potential to be the transformative tool we urgently need to address the limitations of existing treatments, but if we take the wrong step, it could also become just another line in medicine’s long history of almost miracles. How should we proceed? What steps can you take to ensure the future of this promising field?

The roundtable will be hosted by Angela Terhune-Hargrove, MHA, an accomplished Senior Business Development and Clinical Research Professional at Elligo Health Research® with vast professional and close personal psychedelic research experience. It will feature Kathryn LaRoe-Higgs, a renowned psychedelic psychotherapist with over a decade’s experience supporting Special Operations veterans with complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It will also feature Dr. Kevin Murnane, Associate Professor of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Neuroscience at LSU Health Shreveport, who has active research interests in the in vivo pharmacology of psychoactive drugs and the etiology and consequences of drug misuse. The roundtable will also feature Dr. Lynnette A. Averill, Clinical Research Psychologist at the US Department of Veterans Affairs, whose focus is on studying and supporting novel, rapid-acting interventions with the potential to save lives.


The panelists will dig into the current state of psychedelic research as well as new psychedelic developments such as psilocybin and major depressive disorder (MDD), the anticipated approval of 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) recent draft guidance and the impacts all will have on the industry. They will also provide expert insights on optimizing psychedelic research through partnerships with psychotherapists, psychedelic integration and post-trial care and upcoming challenges in the field and how to address them.

We all want the millions of people living with mental illness to get the effective and comprehensive care they desperately need. Psychedelic therapy can be the solution, but only if we embrace responsible implementation, cultivate an environment of understanding and remove progress-impeding barriers.

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Join the Elligo Elite Learning Series roundtable for an open discussion on shaping the future of mental healthcare with psychedelic therapy research.


Angela Terhune-Hargrove, Elligo Health Research®

(Moderator) Angela Terhune-Hargrove, MHA, Senior Business Development and Clinical Research Professional, Elligo Health Research®

Angela Terhune-Hargrove, MHA is a visionary healthcare executive and influential thought leader who has made a profound impact in the field of psychedelic research. As Senior Director of Business Development at Elligo Health Research, Angela has pioneered the development of the psychedelic program.

Angela’s passion for psychedelic research is deeply personal. After witnessing her husband’s life being saved from a debilitating addiction through Ibogaine therapy, she dedicated her career to advancing this groundbreaking field. Her message underscores the transformative potential of psychedelic therapies and the urgent need for expanded access.

As a dedicated advocate, Angela works closely with the Veterans Coalition, recognizing the immense potential of psychedelic treatments in addressing the unique mental health challenges faced by those who have served our country. With a proven track record of driving transformative initiatives in clinical research and mental health services, Angela continues to inspire hope for countless individuals and families seeking healing and recovery.

Message Presenter
Kathryn LaRoe-Higgs, Psychedelic Psychotherapist

Kathryn LaRoe-Higgs, Psychedelic Psychotherapist

Kathryn LaRoe (Katie) is a Licensed Therapist, graduating from USC with her master’s in social work with a focus on military and mental health. She is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional II, Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider and Psychedelic Preparation/Integration Specialist. Katie unitizes integrative techniques to address the consciousness of trauma. She has worked extensively with veterans and specifically Special Operations men and women since 2008 in the plant medicine space. She enjoys a heavy focus on preparation for states of expanded consciousness, utilizing modalities that address the needs of the mind, body, soul and subtle energy.

Katie works in depth with the shadow aspects of humanity, finding grace and abundance in the lessons and teachings of their internal wisdom. Katie has worked with states of expanded consciousness for over 20 years. She has witnessed and personally experienced the healing capacity of plant medicines, breathwork, meditation and present moment focus for the mind, body, soul and energetic field. Katie has a deep appreciation for her teachers who shared their wisdom and rites of passage of yogic, Native American, Shipibo, Wixárika and Bwiti traditions. The wisdom experienced along the way has empowered her own internal healer and aided in the wisdom of navigating the various realms of the psyche for trauma resolution.

Message Presenter
Dr. Kevin Murnane

Dr. Kevin Murnane, Associate Professor of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Neuroscience, LSU Health Shreveport

Dr. Kevin Murnane has active research interests in the in vivo pharmacology of psychoactive drugs, the etiology and consequences of drug misuse, and the development of medications to treat drug misuse and comordid psychiatric and neurological disorders. In this regard, I primarily use behavior pharmacology techniques (e.g. intravenous drug self-administration, drug discrimination, reinstatement, and drug-elicited effects), behavioral neuroscience techniques (e.g. the study of sleep, cognition, and social behavior), neuropharmacology techniques (e.g. in vivo microdialysis, tissue analysis, and plasma analysis), and neuroimaging techniques (e.g. functional magnetic resonance imaging, resting state brain connectivity, magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and positron emission tomography) in laboratory animals, including mice and nonhuman primates, as well as human clinical studies. Our research is focused on cannabinoids, psychedelics, neuropeptides, and natural products.

Message Presenter
Dr. Lynnette A. Averill

Dr. Lynnette A. Averill, Clinical Research Psychologist, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Dr. Lynnette A. Averill is the daughter of a US Marine who died by suicide after years of struggling with ineffective treatments. His life – and subsequent death – shaped Dr. Averill personally and professionally. She grew up very aware of the effects of stress and trauma, including war and combat, not only on the individual who experiences those things firsthand, but also the family, friends, and communities that experience so much in parallel. The focus of Dr. Averill’s work is on studying and supporting novel, rapid-acting interventions with potential to save lives. She is a expert in the psychoneurobiology of chronic stress pathology – namely posttraumatic stress, suicidality and rapid-acting interventions. Her research focuses on the fine-grained understanding of mechanisms underlying psychedelic medicines, the effects of chronic stress and trauma, and treatment response..

Message Presenter

Who Should Attend?

The webinar will appeal to professionals in pharma, biotech, medical device and CROs in the following areas:

  • Clinical operations
  • Medical affairs
  • Innovation

What You Will Learn

Attendees will gain insights into:

  • The current state of psychedelic therapy and psychedelic therapy research, including psilocybin and its potential for treating MDD
  • Essential aspects of the FDA’s new draft guidance
  • Tips for optimizing psychedelic research
  • Upcoming challenges in the world of psychedelic therapy research and how we can overcome them

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