RNA Therapeutics: Unlocking Data Insights for RNA Delivery Methods

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  • Monday, July 31, 2023

Join the featured speakers in an engaging webinar as they delve into the intriguing science behind their novel emulsion platform, known as LION. Discover how this cutting-edge platform enables the efficient delivery of self-amplifying RNA for vaccines and therapeutic interventions. The webinar will provide a concise scientific overview of the formulation process for novel RNA therapeutics before delving into the many ways for effective experimental data management with Benchling.

In this webinar, attendees will gain insights into common pain points and problem-solving techniques for tracking stability tasks, uncover innovative delivery mechanisms for RNA therapeutics and overcome data management challenges. Attendees will also be given a brief tour of HDT Bio’s Insight dashboards built within Benchling that are designed to aggregate formulation result data.


Adrian Simpson, Associate Scientist, HDT Bio

Adrian Simpson is a scientist at HDT Bio on their novel emulsion platform LION for delivery of self-amplifying RNA for vaccine and therapeutic applications. Adrian has worked in formulation development for the past eight years primarily focused on formulations for vaccine delivery. He began his career at the Infectious Disease Research Institute where he worked on the stability program for the formulations department, then began to develop formulations for vaccine applications. From there he moved to the Bay Area and worked at Verily, an Alphabet life science company, where he worked on DNA barcoding for tumor targeting and gene editing using LNP’s.

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Vega Shah, PhD, Benchling

Vega Shah, PhD, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Benchling

Vega Shah is an experienced biologist and former research scientist. In her current role, she helps biotech companies use software to accelerate their research. She previously was a product manager for an electronic lab notebook for biologics and screening. Prior to her industry career she was a scientific researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, University of Washington and UC Berkeley.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Research Scientists and Research Associates working in the field of scientific R&D, drug discovery or formulations
  • Research Directors, VPs and Execs working in the field of scientific R&D, drug discovery or formulations

What You Will Learn

Attendees will:

  • Uncover the fascinating science behind innovative delivery mechanisms for RNA therapeutics
  • Explore effective strategies to overcome common challenges in managing experimental data for drug discovery
  • Discover how Benchling can be leveraged as a powerful tool for efficient data management
  • See Benchling in action as a robust system of record for task tracking

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Benchling is a cloud-based platform for biotechnology research and development. Benchling helps scientists accelerate the full R&D lifecycle with our R&D Cloud, which consists of data, collaboration, and insights built on a trusted and open platform.

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