Spiders, Swimmers, & More – Critical Oncology Data Insights (Part 2)

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  • Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Waterfall, spider, swimmer and dosing plots are industry standard visualizations for oncology and are used in both business development and safety monitoring applications. Given the prevalence of these plots, one might assume that they are easily developed. That’s just not the case. Getting the data together to make the plots, developing the algorithms, and creating visualizations that fit the protocol and study phase is no easy task. Learn how PerkinElmer can simplify the process for you.

Over our two, half hour webinars, featured speakers will demonstrate and share their expertise in the development of oncology visualizations. In the first webinar on June 7, the visualizations focus will be on waterfall and swimmer plots and for this second session on June 20, we will examine spider and dosing plots.

Each session will include the process for our end-to-end solution, including:

  • Pulling together data
  • Algorithm development
  • Custom tailored visualizations for your study protocol
  • Type of study (solid vs liquid tumor)
  • And trial phase

The Problem: Large organizational effort and increased risk to develop one-off visualizations.

Clinicians often develop these plots in spreadsheet tools (e.g. Microsoft Excel) at great time and expense to the business. Making plots this way can lead to visualization mistakes (human error), and skew the resulting efficacy measurements, endangering the safety of trial subjects. These plot development efforts in spreadsheet tools end up being one-offs, and there is no path forward for refreshing the data and updating the plots without more time and effort.

Clinicians, safety monitoring, biostats and data management are all taxed to keep up with the expansion of oncology trials that are underway.

Solution: Visualizations developed by industry experts, tailored and reused across studies, and built to be refreshed with the click of a button.

PerkinElmer knows and understands the visualizations, their value to safety and clinical development, the algorithms that are being used, and the importance that you can be confident in the efficacy analytics being provided. They can guide you through the process, develop the algorithms and visualizations for you, and share with you their knowledge of how the industry is utilizing these plots.

Using TIBCO Spotfire®, they can provide visualizations that can be refreshed at the click of a button. The result is near real-time analytics of your oncology data and their visualizations work in concert with their medical review solutions for end-to-end safety monitoring.  Never miss a safety signal!


Glenn Guthrie, Senior Clinical Informatics Consultant, Informatics Global Services, Oncology Therapeutic Services Lead, PerkinElmer

Glenn has been developing medical and health based visualizations and analytics for the last 12 years through his private consultancy business and his work at PerkinElmer. He is a thought leader at PerkinElmer for their oncology therapeutic area offerings and is currently involved in three clinical oncology study visualization projects. Glenn’s oncology clinical experience spans liquid and solid tumor studies and he has developed custom visualizations for customers based on their study protocols and business requirements. Glenn holds a Master’s level degree in Computing Science and a Biological Engineering degree.

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Peter Hris, Senior Consultant Clinical Services, Informatics Global Services, PerkinElmer

Peter is a leading clinical business analyst at PerkinElmer. He is currently involved in the development of visualizations for medical monitoring and risk based monitoring for clinical studies through phases I – IV. Peter has very strong background in clinical development from his previous work experience as a Data Manager within pharma and CRO environments. For over 12 years, Peter has worked in various therapeutic areas including hematology, neurology, rheumatology, etc., but his greatest experience is in oncology (e.g. osteosarcoma, breast cancer, NSCLC, etc.). Peter holds a Master’s degree in Natural Science, Physics & Chemistry.

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Manoti Marya, MD, Informatics, Clinical Services, Sr. Clinical Informatics Consultant, PerkinElmer

Manoti is a MD with 20+ years experience in clinical medicine with the following specialities: Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Preventive and Primary Care Medicine.

Before joining PerkinELmer, she had been working as Clinical Research associate at SUNY Downstate Medical Center with expertise in Autoimmune & Inflammatory diseases. She also has oncology experience in gastric & colorectal cancer as well as breast & cervical cancer.

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Who Should Attend?

Clinical development and clinical operation teams from:

  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies
  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Clinical Research Organizations (CROs)
  • Academic Research Organizations (AROs)

What You Will Learn

  • What is involved in the development of oncology visualizations including waterfall and swimmer plots
  • How to custom tailor the visualizations for your study protocol, type of study (solid vs liquid tumor) and trial phase
  • How to achieve near real-time analytics of your oncology data

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PerkinElmer’s advanced analytics and services solutions for Clinical Development help the world’s leading biopharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics manufacturers discover new therapeutics faster by streamlining clinical operations, transforming risk into safety and enabling actionable decisions that can lead to better health outcomes.


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