Supporting Antimicrobial Stewardship Using Point of Care CRP Testing

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  • Tuesday, November 22, 2022

The World Antimicrobial Awareness Week, held from November 18 to 24, 2022, calls attention to the high priority global issue1,2 of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). There is a direct relationship between the prescribing of antimicrobials and the development of AMR3, making infections harder to treat and increasing the risk of disease spread, severe illness and death4. Tackling AMR requires a multi-faceted approach and research has shown how incorporating CRP (C-reactive protein) testing into clinical practice may help to limit antibiotic use to only those patients with severe bacterial infections and thereby support antimicrobial stewardship.

In this webinar, featured speaker Dr. Rogier Hopstaken, a GP from the Netherlands whose work and research drove the implementation of CRP point of care testing (POCT) in the country, will discuss how implementing CRP testing at the point of care has the potential to curb the problem of AMR and help change antibiotic prescribing behaviours in primary care settings. Rogier will review international experiences, barriers to implementation and provide recommendations for next steps. Along with David Barber, Advanced Practitioner, LHCH Knowsley Community Repiratory Service; LumiraDx Medical Director Matt Fay, and Associate Director in Medical Affairs Lucy Lehane, they will review case studies and explore the benefits of portable CRP testing with patients in community settings using the LumiraDx Platform technology at the point of care.

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Dr. Rogier Hopstaken, Star-shl Diagnostic Centres, Etten-Leur, Netherlands

Dr. Rogier Hopstaken, MD, PhD, Star-shl Diagnostic Centres, Etten-Leur, Netherlands

Dr. Rogier Hopstaken is a General Practitioner in Hapert in the Netherlands and also works as an Innovation Specialist at Star-shl Diagnostic Centres in Etten-Leur/Rotterdam. Much of his research centers around point of care testing (POCT) and in collaboration with a number of universities, he studies the value of POCT, and how proven tests can be effectively implemented. He has a particular interest in lower respiratory tract infections, antimicrobial resistance and C-reactive protein POCT. Dr Hopstaken is the principal author of the Dutch guideline on POCT in general practice, and is chairing the Special Interest Group of POCT of the World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA).

Message Presenter
Dr. Matthew Fay, Willows Medical Practice, Bradford

Dr. Matthew Fay, GP Principal, Willows Medical Practice, Bradford

Dr. Matthew Fay is a General Practitioner who joined Westcliffe Medical Practice in 1999. This has developed into the Affinity Care, a 27 partner “superpractice” based in Bradford managing eight GP contracts and providing care for over 64,000 population.


Matthew is the Clinical Chair of the partnership and the Clinical Director of Affinity Care PCN. In 2001, Matthew established a GPwSI cardiology service in Bradford which has expanded to provide direct access investigations and e-consultations.

He was a member of the NICE AF Guideline Development Group and was a standing committee member of the NICE Quality Standard Advisory Committee. He is currently a clinical advisor to the AF Association, STARS (the Syncope Trust), Arrhythmia Alliance, on the Expert Advisory Panel for the Stroke Association and on the faculty for Heart Valve Voice. He is a Trustee of the AF Association and Thrombosis UK. He has been involved in service redesign of cardiovascular services with a focus on AF, dysrhythmia and moving services out of hospital for many years. He was the Clinical Lead of the redesign of the Bradford VTE services to make it completely community- and NOAC-based.

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Matthew has previously worked in Bradford’s PCTs and CCG. In 2022, after over 20 years in general practice he took the decision to take on new challenges and was appointed as the Medical Director of LumiraDx. He still has an active interest in the Westcliffe Health Innovations cardiovascular service and through these roles continues to look for ways to enhance the patient journey from symptoms, to diagnosis, to support in the post diagnosis phase of their lives.

Message Presenter
Lucy Lehane, LumiraDx

Lucy Lehane, Associate Director Medical Affairs, LumiraDx

Lucy Lehane studied for her first degree in London at the University of Westminster, where her dissertation on POCT in cardiac markers was published in the Journal of Emergency Medicine. She went on to study for her master’s in medical diagnostics at Cranfield University, in the UK. Lucy began her career in the UK National Health Service as a Biomedical Scientist and then moved to the commercial world of diagnostic technology. For more than 20 years, Lucy has worked in global roles for diagnostic companies developing both consumer and POC devices — across the product development process and most recently, leading International Medical Affairs at LumiraDx.

Message Presenter
David Barber, LHCH Knowsley Community Respiratory Service

David Barber, Advanced Practitioner, LHCH Knowsley Community Respiratory Service

David Barber has worked in the NHS specialising in respiratory care for 20 years, in secondary and community settings in Manchester & Liverpool; initially as a Specialist Respiratory Physiotherapist, and more recently as an Advanced Practitioner with the Knowsley Community Respiratory Service.

Message Presenter

Who Should Attend?

  • Lab Specialists
  • Consultants
  • POCT Coordinators
  • Respiratory Disease Specialists
  • Infectious Disease Specialists
  • GPs
  • Primary Care Consultants/Clinicians

What You Will Learn

  • The causes of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and why antibiotic stewardship is of critical importance
  • The benefits of point of care CRP (C-reactive protein) testing in primary and community-based care
  • The impact of CRP testing on AMR rates

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LumiraDx develops, manufactures and commercializes an innovative point of care diagnostic Platform, a next generation point of care diagnostic system that combines a small portable Instrument; microfluidic Test Strip; simple, standardized workflow; and seamless, secure digital connectivity to the Cloud and hospital IT systems. The LumiraDx Platform leverages testing methodologies used in lab analyzer systems to deliver lab comparable performance at the point of care in minutes across a broad test menu, in a portable, easy-to-use point of care solution.

LumiraDx recently launched the SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test for use on the LumiraDx Platform which delivers results in 12 minutes with 97.6% PPA to an EUA approved RT-PCR method within the first 12 days of symptom onset.

In addition to COVID-19 and other tests already available under CE mark, the Platform integrated several testing technologies and sample types into a single Instrument, allowing continued development across a broad test menu.

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