The Innovations of Decentralized Clinical Trials

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  • Thursday, September 21, 2023

The adoption of decentralized methodologies for clinical trials continues to grow at a pace, even after the pandemic accelerated their use — and this is impacting the way patients engage with clinical trials. The supply chain continues to need to adapt to meet the customer-centric needs of the patients to ensure patient recruitment and retention, which is vital for the progression of clinical trials and the journey of a drug from its discovery to its delivery.

How does this relate to innovation within decentralized clinical trials? This customer-centricity and the decentralized clinical trial methodologies and products used that lead to a “consumerization” of clinical trials also generates very significant and beneficial by-product — data. Data is immensely powerful and continues to feed into what many of us see, and the content and options we are presented with, in our day-to-day “consumer” lives — both online and offline. This data-driven world and the insights it generates further increase the expectations of patients for their clinical trial participation to continue to mirror aspects of their day-to-day lives.


Data provides the opportunity to generate insights. Insights are fundamental to enable informed key decisions, directional continuance or change and drug development strategies from both operational and clinical perspectives.

The use of data for decision-making is not new; however, the sources and opportunities for data collection, today and tomorrow, are increasing in their number and complexity —and it’s the opportunity to bring together multiple data points that provide the power behind data-led decision-making. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are at the forefront of data-use technologies and their utilization is growing. Real-Time Data provides an opportunity for more accurate insights, enabling quicker decision-making and implementation of changes. These insights can reduce drug development time and speed up changes that benefit patients.

As more and more platforms and equipment used within decentralized clinical trials generate data, the challenge lies in integrating them into one cohesive data source. This integration enables multiple data points to be collected and collated driving actionable insights. Innovation in data collection and integration between systems will be the key to maximizing the use of data and the benefits it provides.

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Building on the content of last year’s successful webinar titled “Supply Chain Challenges to Meet the Consumerization of Clinical Trials”, join this webinar to explore this shift to multi-channel data collection through the continued consumerization of clinical trials. Attendees will learn how this evolution and innovation is providing even more value to the organizations and operations within clinical trials — and ultimately, — the patients.


Tola Olorunnisola, Avantor

Tola Olorunnisola, SVP — Clinical Services and Strategy, Avantor

Tola Olorunnisola is the “SVP of Clinical Services and Strategy” in Avantor’s Services business unit. She leads Innovation and Digital Solutions for Supply Chain (Lab) Services and Clinical Services. Tola has over 15 years of experience in the medical device and life science industry developing and executing digital and go-to-market strategies. Additionally, she has led the development and deployment of large-scale enterprise solutions. Tola earned her BA in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois in Chicago.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Clinical Trials/Study Management — Director/Manager/Lead
  • Operations
    • Clinical Operations — Director/Manager/Lead
    • Research Operations — Director/Manager/Lead
  • Preclinical/Non-Clinical Research
  • Clinical Development/Research
  • Samples Management/Logistics

What You Will Learn

  • Decentralized clinical trial numbers grow and are forecast to continue, even after the accelerated adoption driven by the COVID-19 global pandemic
  • A view on the next steps of innovations within decentralized clinical trials
  • Why the “consumerization of clinical trials” continues to be key when considering patient centricity
  • How multi-channel data collection is at the heart of clinical trials — and the need to integrate data sources to maximize the value of this powerful by-product of decentralized clinical trial methodologies

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