How Biorepository and Archiving Best Practices can Free Up Frontline Clinical Resources

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  • Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Rising pressure to increase efficiency and expedite discovery in clinical trials makes finding the right biorepository and archiving solutions more critical than ever. The best place to start is looking at the impact compliant biorepository and archiving can have on clinical research.

  • Recent breakthroughs in drug development are leading to groundbreaking results that could change lives in 2022 and beyond. The number of clinical trials continues to grow — a healthy eight percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the next three years — bringing the total market for clinical trials to roughly $54B in 2025 (Grand View Research).
  • An estimated 78,000 clinical trials are ongoing and being planned globally today, including over 7200 COVID-related clinical trials (Global Data, June 2022).


Clinical trials continue to be key as everyone works together to create a better world. As innovations continue in clinical research, biorepository and archiving solutions will play a prominent role in clinical trials. This would mean combining sample collection and storage into a true sample management strategy — whether for active trials or clinical archiving.

With so much at stake, research scientists, clinical trial managers and operations professionals need complete confidence in research asset logging and management, storage in optimal conditions, preserving sample integrity and 24-hour retrieval on demand.

Life science faces ever-evolving industry-level challenges every day. In this webinar, the featured speaker will delve into a handful of those challenges with respect to:

  • Non-clinical and clinical archiving solutions
  • Clinical biorepository
  • Manufacturing material storage
  • Regulated data management
  • Research asset logistics with support consolidation and lifecycle management with full compliance
  • Digital indexing of materials to ensure visible accuracy of an inventory
  • Material and sample management and strategies
  • GLP/GCP/GxP/cGMP compliant storage

Attendees will see how working with a biorepository and archiving strategy and partner, could provide more reliability, enabling transition of a drug from discovery to delivery.

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The speaker will also touch upon key areas specific and significant to biorepository and archiving:

  • Comprehensive data capture and management
  • Consolidation — sample-centric perspective across the ecosystem from collection to analysis to storage
  • As decentralised clinical trials (DCTs) continue to proliferate, there will be increased challenges in the supply chain, created by both hybrid and virtual DCTs — not only in the management of clinical research samples, but also the associated data.
  • Integration of on and off-site storage for full visibility of sample inventory across studies

Join this webinar to learn about using these best practices for biorepository and archiving to free up frontline clinical resources and increase value overall.


Radha Krishnan, Avantor

Radha Krishnan, Global Director - Biorepository Operations, Avantor

Radha Krishnan is Avantor’s Global Director for Biorepository Operations and Strategy. She is a cross-functional biopharmaceutical executive with expertise in leading business transformation projects driving operational excellence, cost synergies and technological innovation in the management of Clinical trials — specifically supporting specimen management delivery and optimization. She has 15+ years of experience with Central Labs enabling strategic growth through integration and operationalizing M&As, JVs and alliances.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Clinical trials/Study management — Director/Manager/Lead
  • Operations
    • Clinical operations — Director/Manager/Lead
    • Research operations — Director/Manager/Lead
  • Pre-clinical/Non-clinical research
  • Clinical development/research
  • Samples management/logistics
    • Biorepository/Samples/Biosamples/Archivist

What You Will Learn

Key takeaways for attendees:

  • Customer expectation — understand how sample management strategies can address challenges faced by the industry, thereby freeing up more resource to be given back to science
  • An increase in challenges in the supply chain due to hybrid and virtual decentralized clinical trials — not just in clinical research sample management, but also with the associated data
  • Industry Prediction
  • Biorepository and archiving best practices enable transition of a drug from discovery to delivery

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