Upstream Bioprocessing: DoE Optimization for CHO Cell Cultures

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  • Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells are commonly used in bioprocessing to express desired proteins, including antibody, peptide and other protein-based therapeutics, at high titers. In upstream bioprocessing, process optimization and scale-up have presented challenges, and design of experiments (DoE) methodologies can alleviate these challenges and lay the foundation for a robust and scalable cell culture process.

Join this webinar to learn about upstream process development experiments conducted with MilliporeSigma across several CHOZN® cell lines at Culture Biosciences’ South San Francisco cell culture facility.

CHOZN® cell lines were evaluated with combinations of two batch media and three feed media variations in proprietary 250mL mammalian bioreactors for optimal combinations. The effect of each media combination on each cell line was evaluated for various quality attributes, including cell growth, lactate production and final immunoglobulin G (IgG) production. The proprietary purpose-built bioreactors were used to evaluate large-scale DoE experiments. Statistical analyses were performed to determine the effect of each component on the system. This work identified a significant increase in the final titer for two CHOZN® cell lines utilizing the same feed media. MilliporeSigma successfully validated these small-scale results at a 3 L scale, indicating the scalability of this mammalian cell culture process.

Join this webinar to learn how DoE optimization strategies set the foundation for robust upstream bioprocessing.



Jean-Marc Guedon, Director of Application Technologies, Culture Biosciences

Jean-Marc has been working on mammalian process development throughout his career. He has developed, evaluated and optimized mammalian processes for viral vectors and proteins. Jean-Marc holds an ScM in Molecular Microbiology and Immunology from Johns Hopkins and a PhD in Molecular Virology and Microbiology from the University of Pittsburgh.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Process Development Scientists
  • Process Development Engineers
  • Directors/VPs of Process Development
  • Chief Scientific Officers (CSO)

What You Will Learn

  • How DoE enables exploration of the design space and sets the foundation for a robust and scalable upstream process
  • How MilliporeSigma optimized their CHOZN® cell line, media and feeding regimens
  • How Culture Biosciences serves as an extension of your team to debottleneck process development

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Culture Biosciences

At Culture Biosciences, we partner with Biopharma/Biotech clients who develop protein and gene therapies accelerating cell culture process development (PD). Culture utilizes innovative cloud-connected bioreactors and data science capabilities driving the digital transformation of biomanufacturing. Culture’s real-time data analysis and data-driven modeling capabilities, enable clients to accelerate their biomanufacturing screening and optimization work. Culture has worked with over 70 clients collaborating with PD labs on design of experiments (DoE), debottlenecking PD and de-risking outcomes.

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