Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Identify Clonally Derived Cell Lines. See the Future Today (Broadcast 1)

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  • Thursday, January 19, 2023

Until now, identification of single cells after seeding has meant waiting for days/weeks until colonies grow and working backwards through the daily images in cell line development. For limiting dilution experiments, it’s only after those days/weeks have elapsed that issues may become visible, for example if no colonies grow due to seeding with a too-dilute cell suspension. Now, by applying artificial intelligence (AI) to these problems, single cell clones are identified automatically immediately after seeding.

In this webinar, the featured speakers will show how Solentim’s clonal imaging technology was combined with a trained neural network to identify single cells reliably. The presented data will demonstrate the degree of accuracy and consistency of the AI network across CHO, HEK and iPSC cell lines and show how users of limiting dilution and automated seeders alike can shorten their development timelines by weeks and accelerate IND submission.

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Paul Butler, Advanced Instruments, LLC.

Paul Butler, Senior Product Leader, Advanced Instruments, LLC.

Paul Butler has worked across various functions in the life science industry including sales, field applications support and product commercialization with experience across a range of technologies including automation, imaging (cellular, multi-spectral and in vivo), label/label free detection technologies and next-generation sequencing. Additionally, Paul has worked across many global territories including Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Currently he is working on the launch of several new Solentim products that will enable more consistency across the cell line development process and ultimately earlier patient access for novel therapeutics.

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Anna Davidson, Advanced Instruments, LLC.

Anna Davidson, Lead Computational Biologist, Advanced Instruments, LLC.

Anna Davidson has the position of Lead Computational Biologist at Advanced Instruments, based in the UK. Anna has an integrated MSc in neuroscience from The University of Nottingham. She currently works within the R&D department at Advanced Instruments, looking for new areas within cell line development workflows where artificial intelligence could be applied. She has worked previously within the Applications team, cloning and culturing iPSC, CHO and HEK cell lines, but is now focused on driving forward artificial intelligence within the Solentim Portfolio. Since joining she has been involved with the production, validation and deployment of new neural network-based approaches for multiple CLD processes.

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Camilla Domeneghetti, Advanced Instruments, LLC.

Camilla Domeneghetti, Biology Manager, Advanced Instruments, LLC.

Camilla Domeneghetti has the position of Biology Manager — Cell Line Development at Advanced Instruments, based in the UK. Camilla has a master’s degree in molecular biology and an undergraduate degree in biological sciences. As part of the Applications team, her role includes overseeing the validation and optimisation of the Solentim portfolio of technologies that improve cell line development and cell therapy workflows. In addition, her role involves improving the use cases and applications of these technologies to support Advanced Instruments customers.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone working in cell line development and master cell banking for biotherapeutic drug products who would like a better understanding of achieving and proving monoclonality
  • Anyone who presents data to a regulator for the purpose of IND submission for a biologic or iPSC therapeutic
  • Those using limiting dilution in their workflow

What You Will Learn

Attendees will learn:

  • How new artificial intelligence-driven imaging technology is being used to identify single cells automatically on day 0, saving days to weeks of labor and time and accelerating IND submissions
  • Presenting evidence of the reliability of an artificial intelligence (AI) network for identifying single CHO, HEK and iPSC cell types

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Advanced Instruments is a global company offering a novel portfolio of analytical tools including, OsmoTECH®, a robust line of micro-osmometers to support bioprocessing and quality control (QC), and Solentim, a portfolio of best in class imaging and single-cell deposition technologies for cell line development workflows and assurance of clonality for regulatory bodies.

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