Using Meatless Products in Vegetarian and Vegan Meals and Snacks

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  • Wednesday, December 09, 2020

As consumer interest in plant-based meat products continues to rise, food processors are looking for new ways to incorporate texturized vegetable products into their recipes. While many meat alternatives are now on the market, they’re not all created equal in terms of taste, texture and flexibility in applications.

This webinar will discuss how to make excellent vegetarian or vegan meals like pasta, stir-fried dishes and salads using Meatless vegan fibres. This webinar is the last in a series of four, handling specific techniques to make tasty food products using plant-based Meatless products. Meatless is a Dutch company which has been supplying texturized vegetable products with unique qualities to the vegetarian and vegan food processing industry for over 15 years. With the flexibility of using whole foods, proteins or even pure starches as basic raw materials for their products, Meatless produces analog fish and meat replacements.

Compared to other meat replacements, Meatless products provide:

  • A clean taste
  • Unique textures
  • Flexibility in raw materials
  • A high water-holding capacity
  • Different colours

This webinar will also include a demonstration of Meatless’ ability to create innovative textures out of products like quinoa and favabean, the benefits and applications of which will be presented by experienced chefs. Participants will see that this can be done with existing equipment, within cost-price limits and with very low fat contents. Additionally, the panelists will give an in-depth view of how this market is developing and what the latest trends and challenges are.

Join this webinar to learn about the applications of Meatless products and how they can help food processors meet consumer demand for food products containing plant-based protein.


Jos Hugense, Meatless

Jos Hugense, CEO, Meatless

Since 1980, Jos Hugense has been working as a professional in different sectors of the meat processing industry, mainly in the development and production of cooked processed meat products. As the third generation of a family of meat processors, Hugense decided in 2004 to switch from a successful career in the meat processing industry to the production of plant-based ingredients for the food industry. He started the company Meatless from scratch in 2006. Meatless is an innovative venture developing and producing textured ingredients based on grains and legumes. Meatless has developed into an ingredient that is not only used as a basic raw material for meat-free products but is also successful as an extender of meat and fish products in so called “hybrid” or blended products. The company succeeds in average annual growth of 20% and is distributing worldwide to the large food processing industry. Hugense sold all his meat activities in 2007 and since then, he has been leading a team of 25 people, working on the improvement of health and sustainability performances of food, which are key drivers for the global food industry today. Hugense has built up an expertise in sustainability in food chains and is a well-known expert in this field.

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Who Should Attend?

This webinar will be of interest to food processors in the vegetarian and vegan food space, with relevant job titles including:

  • Executives
  • R&D Personnel
  • Food Technologists

What You Will Learn

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • The applications of plant-based Meatless fibres
  • How restaurants are using these meat alternatives
  • The latest trends and challenges in the plant-based meat market

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Meatless is a Dutch company supplying texturized vegetable products with very special qualities to the vegetarian and vegan food processing industry for over 15 years now. We deliver interesting textures which have capabilities like heat stability and high water holding capacity. We are flexible using whole foods, proteins or even pure starches as basic raw materials for our products, which are used for analog fish and meat products, but also in blended processed products. We innovate in technology and new ways to achieve the best application concepts for our customers and have a successful track record in commercial consumer products marketed by our customers.

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