Fish Without Fish; Making the Best Plant-Based Fish Textures Using Meatless Products

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  • Tuesday, October 06, 2020

This webinar is the second in a series of four, offered by Meatless, that handles specific techniques to make palatable vegan/vegetarian products. In this webinar, panellists will demonstrate the latest processing methods to make vegetarian or vegan processed fish products. These techniques are specially aimed at large scale production operations. Meatless products are easy to process and available in large quantities. All production methods are based on using existing and familiar equipment. The webinar will begin with an introduction to the sponsor company, Meatless, by Jos Hugense, CEO of the company.

Meatless is a Dutch company that has been supplying texturized vegetable products with very special qualities to the vegetarian and vegan food processing industry for over 15 years now. They deliver textures that have capabilities such as high heat stability and high water-holding capacity. Meatless uses whole foods, proteins, or even pure starches as basic raw materials that are applied in analog fish and meat products, as well as blended processed products. Meatless is constantly innovating in technologies and application concepts for its customers. One of these applications will be demonstrated in this webinar.

Dos Winkel, a worldwide renowned underwater photographer will give an overview of fishing in the world and its perspective for the future. How do we cope with the increasing demand for fish in the world and protect the ecosystems in the oceans? His famous pictures where shown in numerous exhibitions and he publicized hundreds of articles on underwater and nature photography in magazines such as Terre SauvageNational GeographicBBC WildlifeGeo and Ocean Realm. 

Noud van Stekelenburg created with his team of FI&S several successful fish concepts using Meatless products. He will explain what special qualities made him choose Meatless products as a basic raw material for the development of processed fish substitutes. Noud will also explain how to work with Meatless products in fishless applications.

Lastly, Ton Klos, a technical account manager at Meatless, will host a practical session making plant-based fish substitutes. This will showcase how Meatless has managed to design and execute an excellent plant-based fish texture, also showing exactly how it is used in applications.

At the end of the webinar, there will be an opportunity to ask questions to the speakers.



Dos Winkel, Renowned Underwater Photographer

Dos Winkel started his career as an underwater photographer in 1984. He has published hundreds of articles on underwater and nature photography in countless magazines such as Terre SauvageNational GeographicBBC WildlifeGeoOcean RealmAsian Diver and in dozens of other Dutch, English, Russian and German magazines. His work has won several awards. Thirteen television documentaries and one full-length cinema documentary have been made about his work.

Winkel is one of the few physical witnesses of the rapid and systematic decline of life under water. In 2008, he stepped out of his medical career to put all his efforts into protecting the ocean.

By himself or with others, Winkel published many books about the underwater world, different cultures and the state of the ocean, now seriously threatened by pollution, acidification and overfishing. His concern about the poor state of the ocean led him to found the Sea First Foundation in 2009. The Foundation is an educational organisation that raises awareness about the essential role of the ocean to life on earth to schools, universities, corporations, associations and politics. See

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Noud van Stekelenburg, Managing Director, FI&S

Noud van Stekelenburg started FI&S in 2005, as a supplier of functional additives for the meat processing industry. With currently the head office and factory located in Maastricht and a second office and distribution center located in Romania. As a leader of the FI&S family Stekelenburg works together with 55 employees. Together they provide the food processing industry with food technological functionality by developing, producing and selling custom made blends and solving customer’s problems.

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Jos Hugense, CEO, Meatless

From 1980 Jos Hugense has been working as a professional in different sectors of the meat processing industry, mainly in the development and production of cooked processed meat products. As the third generation of a family of meat processors, Hugense decided in 2004 to switch from a successful career in the meat processing industry to the production of plant-based ingredients for the food industry. He started the company Meatless from scratch in 2006. Meatless is an innovative venture developing and producing textured ingredients based on grains and legumes. Meatless has developed into an ingredient that is not only used as a basic raw material for meat-free products but is also successful as an extender of meat- and fish products in so called “hybrid” or blended products. The company succeeds in average annual growth of 20% and is distributing worldwide to the large food processing industry. Hugense sold all his meat activities in 2007 and is since then leading a team of 25 people, working on the improvement of health and sustainability performances of food, which are today key drivers for the global food industry. Hugense has built up an expertise in sustainability in food chains and is a well-known expert in this field.

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Ton Klos, Technical Account Manager, Meatless

Ton Klos has a extensive experience in the meat processing industry and ran processing companies and butcheries in The Netherlands and Africa. He made a successful career in the food ingredients sector and decided three years ago to dedicate his broad experience to Meatless and the meat-free market. Klos developed dozens of products for customers, vegetarian and vegan, but also blended products in the processed meat category. He is working as a senior technical account manager for Meatless and is able to design stunning applications using Meatless products.

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Who Should Attend?

Executives of food processing companies, especially those from the vegetarian, vegan, and fish industries. R&D people keen to learn about the latest processes in plant-based products. Trend watchers, food technologists, and NGO’s wanting to know more about the fish substitute market.

What You Will Learn

Participants will learn how to make excellent plant-based fish textures using Meatless products. The processes which will be presented are scalable, easy, and without using special equipment. Participants will also be introduced to Meatless and its portfolio of special fibres and textured products. Panellists will provide insights on how the fish and fish substitute market is developing and what the latest trends and challenges are.

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Meatless is a Dutch company, supplying texturized vegetable products with very special qualities to the vegetarian and vegan food processing industry for over 15 years now. We deliver interesting textures which have capabilities like heat stability and high water holding capacity. We are flexible using whole foods, proteins or even pure starches as basic raw materials for our products, which are used for analog fish and meat products, but also in blended processed products. We innovate in technology and new ways to achieve the best application concepts for our customers and have a successful track record in commercial consumer products marketed by our customers.

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