CROs – How Does a Sponsor Evaluate Your Bid?

Clinical Trials, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical,
  • Thursday, June 09, 2011 | 10am BST (UK) / 11am CEST (EU-Central) / 5am EDT (NA)
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Over 30,000 clinicial trials are being conducted by pharmaceutical companies around the globe and more than 60% are being outsourced to CROs

The presentation will focus on how sponsors evaluate bids from CROs and provide you with some practical tips on how to improve your proposals.

We will discuss recent research in reading/eye-tracking studies and general linguistics and how to use the results to gain a leading edge when writing a proposal. We will also introduce an easy system that can help track where a reader will look in your proposal, and how much time they will spend on each section.

Examples of common mistakes when a writing proposal will be included, as well as how to produce a high end document which many contributors can work securely on at the same time.

There is no second place in writing proposals. It is all about winning the bid! So how can you improve your chances to win?




Leif Kjetil Skjæveland, Partner, Xait

Leif Kjetil Skjæveland is a partner at Xait, the company behind the proposal software XaitPorter. A trained historian and journalist, he has worked as a professional writer, as well as having spent many years in the advertising industry. During the last ten years Skjæveland has focused on consulting with companies to streamline their proposal activities and improve the quality of their bids. Skjæveland is an accredited member of APMP (Association of Proposal Management Professionals).

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Who Should Attend?

  • VPs and Directors of Sales & Marketing
  • VPs and Directors of Business Development
  • Directors and Managers of Proposals, Proposal Development and Contracts
  • Directors and Managers of Regulatory Development and Regulatory Affairs
  • Commercial Analysts
  • Commercial Managers

Within CRO companies

Xtalks Partner


About Xait

Xait provides global web-based database solutions. Xait is the company behind XaitPorter, an application with a proven track record with many large and smaller companies world-wide. Xait has 4 out of the top 10 Forbes companies as clients, and have global framework agreements with several global corporations for XaitPorter.


XaitPorter is collaborative writing software that enables multiple users to write simultaneously on the same document. XaitPorter is designed for teams whom are looking to create their business critical documents, such as proposals & regulatory documentation more efficiently, while producing a more professional looking document.

Save time – increase quality

The feedback from Xait’s clients, is that XaitPorter allows them to produce complex proposals faster with increased focus on content – thereby increasing the quality of the content. How? XaitPorter allows several contributors to work on the same document at the same time. And with a built in workflow and a progress reports, it allows management to stay in control of the process from day one. In addition, XaitPorter automatically takes care of formatting, layout and number according to corporate guidelines, helping companies globally to create proposals with better quality.

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