10 Food Industry Accounts to Follow

10 Food Industry Accounts to Follow

Check out these ten accounts to fill your feed with information that is as educational as it is interesting.

Delicious photos of food may proliferate our social media accounts, but food industry professionals are looking to take a bite out of more substantial content.

So Xtalks put together a list of Twitter and Instagram accounts managed by individuals and organizations that are influencing and discussing the latest news and trends in the food industry.

Check out these ten accounts to fill your feed with information that is as educational as it is interesting.

1) The Food Professor 

Who they are: Dr. Sylvain Charlebois is a Professor and Senior Director at Dalhousie University. He also writes a blog for the Canadian Grocer magazine called “The Food Professor.”

What they tweet about:  He tweets about food policy news as it relates to everything from cannabis to farming.

2) The Institute of Food Technologists

Who they are: The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) is an international, non-profit scientific society of professionals engaged in food science, food technology, and related areas in academia, government and industry.

What they tweet about:  This group tackles all topics food and science, including tech-tweets on topics like blockchain, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

3) Sustainable Brands

Who they are: Sustainable Brands is a community of brand innovators who are shaping the future of global commerce as it relates to social and environmental challenges.

What they tweet about: This account tackles issues that affect the environment, food & agriculture. Here you’ll find the latest news and views from the flourishing world of sustainable business.

4) The Hartman Group

Who they are: The Hartman Group are experts on consumers, culture and trends. They deliver leading-edge research, analysis and consulting services to help food and beverage brands.

What they tweet about: Which consumer-based trends are making a difference in the food industry.

5) The New Food Economy

Who they are: The New Food Economy is a non-profit newsroom investigating the forces shaping how and what people eat.

What they tweet about: The economics, culture and politics of food.

6) Jessica Catalano


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I am excited to finally share with you what I have been doing for the last year in Seattle with @aproperhigh 😃🙃 A lot of you have been asking me on FB, “What do you do?”. Essentially, what the Proper Cannabis Committee does is rate premium cannabis products as part of a consumer trials program. I use a proprietary app to track my entire experience with the product. Everything I rate is blinded to remove brand or product bias. I then score the products on different components including aroma, flavor, mouthfeel, and effect. In this process, I note the body high, head high, and any side effects over the course of experiencing the product. My ratings data goes into the Proper Score and then it helps consumers find the best cannabis products for them in the Seattle Market 🙃😃💖 #findyourhigh I started my journey into the cannabis industry 9 years ago with the intent to help patients. Today, that goal still remains. I feel so honored to be able to work alongside other passionate people with the same goal. I would of never imagined that when I first smoked cannabis in 7th grade it would lead me to where I am today 💕 I am beyond grateful for all the people I have met along the way on this journey, good and bad. And especially to all my supporters and fans of my work 💞 You have all helped me to grow in so many different ways 🙏

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Who they are: Jessica Catalano is a Cannabis Chef & Food Writer.

What they tweet about: Posts #PlantBased #RawFood & #GlutenFree cannabis recipes, and comments on breaking cannabis industry news.

7) Simon Somogyi 

Who they are: Simon Somogyi is the Arrell Chair in the Business of Food and Director of the Longo’s Food Retail Laboratory in the School of Hospitality at the University of Guelph.

What they tweet about: Research and developments in value chain projects around the world.

8) Food+Tech Connect

Who they are: Food+Tech Connect is a media company that connects food and technology innovators through news and analysis, events, and consulting.

What they tweet about:   Food innovation as it relates to scientific advancements.

9) Vegan Global News

Who they are: Vegan Global News is a digital platform that covers the latest trends in the plant-based food industry.

What they tweet about: News and opinions from the world of veganism, animal rights, plant-based health & the environment.

10) Michele Simon

Who they are: Michele Simon is an author, speaker, and consultant on food policy.  She is also Executive Director of   and provides legal services to .

What they tweet about: Food safety, policy and the ever-important Oat Milk.