Advancing Personalized Healthcare: Atropos Health’s Partnership with Arcadia

Advancing Personalized Healthcare: Atropos Health’s Partnership with Arcadia

Atropos Health, known for its approach to converting real-world clinical data into personalized healthcare evidence and insights, has collaborated with Arcadia, a healthcare data platform specialist. This collaboration introduces Arcadia’s healthcare providers to the Atropos Evidence Network.

Through this partnership, these providers gain access to Atropos Health’s suite of applications that are adept at producing evidence, thereby enhancing whole-person care and fostering value-based healthcare outcomes.

Moreover, users in the life sciences sector at Atropos Health can now conduct comprehensive real-world evidence (RWE) studies by using the extensive longitudinal research dataset offered by Arcadia within the Atropos Evidence Network.

“This optimization is what Atropos Health delivers across our products, and we’re proud to bring the high-quality data Arcadia is known for into the Atropos Evidence Network. This collaboration further enables healthcare providers to generate novel peer-reviewed evidence rapidly to make data-driven decisions on optimal clinical guidelines, care pathways and the best interventions to succeed in value-based care and other quality initiatives,” said Dr. Brigham Hyde, CEO and co-founder of Atropos Health, in the company’s news release.

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Enhancing Service for Clinical Decision-Making

Atropos Health has introduced an innovative development in Generative AI through its advanced Generative Evidence Acceleration Operating System (Geneva OS) and its real-world data (RWD) application, ChatRWD.

These technologies represent a significant breakthrough, with ChatRWD being the first application to feature a direct Chat-to-Database capability. This functionality is tailored to enable leaders in healthcare and life sciences to accelerate and streamline the process of generating evidence. Geneva OS customers gain access to Alexandria, an extensive repository containing tens of thousands of existing studies, including active clinical trial designs. These studies within Alexandria can be rerun on local data, producing fresh content and evidence for customer use.

Geneva OS also features the CRAFT (Clinical Research Acceleration for Trials) Emulation Toolkit. This tool enables users to enhance trial recruitment and emulate specific trial designs using RWD. Such capabilities are crucial for conducting feasibility studies and for performing in-depth subgroup analyses. This helps to determine the efficacy of specific study designs within various subpopulations.

Arcadia Analytics is recognized as a leading cloud-based healthcare data platform, specifically designed for sophisticated analytics. Its primary aims are to deliver improved outcomes, lower medical costs, increase the accuracy of risk adjustment and improve the overall quality of care using actionable data.

By incorporating Atropos Health’s advanced generative AI technology into their platform, Arcadia offers customers access to both proprietary and external tools. This integration is pivotal in optimizing workflows and reinforcing objectives centered around value-based performance.

Members of the Atropos Evidence Network have the opportunity to contribute data and leverage Atropos Health’s solutions to extract insights from a vast pool of over 160 million de-identified patient records spanning the globe. The network is strategically designed to enhance the use of RWD, aligning it with the evolving evidence needs in healthcare and effectively pairing unanswered questions with appropriate data sources.

Using data scoring, the Atropos Evidence Network uses a swift transactional model that ensures mutual benefits. This model is advantageous for members who wish to gain insights from their data and seek on-demand evidence, creating a mutually beneficial environment within the network.

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Alternative Services in Healthcare Evidence and Medical Practice Management

Wolters Kluwer Health, a leading global clinical technology company, has introduced UpToDate, an AI platform aimed at enhancing collaboration for its clinical decision support (CDS) services. This platform, designed to deliver evidence-based CDS, gets 1.7 million views daily from healthcare teams worldwide, contributing to improved patient care.

Boasting over 25 medical specialties and a team of more than 7,400 authors and editors, UpToDate instills confidence and clarity in decision-making for healthcare professionals, particularly in situations where evidence may be inconclusive. Research indicates that clinicians modify their recommended treatments 37 percent of the time after consulting the comprehensive body of evidence provided by UpToDate.

CareCloud, Inc., a leading healthcare technology company, provides a comprehensive suite of proprietary, cloud-based solutions for growing healthcare organizations. Their technology-enabled solutions help clients increase financial and operational performance, streamline clinical workflows and enhance the patient experience.

Trusted by more than 40,000 providers, CareCloud supports improvements in patient care while reducing administrative burdens and operating costs. Their core services include:

  • CareCloud Charts, a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) platform facilitating seamless documentation, care coordination and billing;
  • CareCloud Central, a cutting-edge practice management solution for efficient appointment management, billing, insurance claims and patient communications; and
  • CareCloud Credentialing, a streamlined solution and technology to navigate, track and monitor the credentialing process.