Clinical Trials Day 2021 + AbbVie’s Humira Monopoly – Xtalks Life Science Podcast Ep. 12

Clinical Trials Day 2021 + AbbVie’s Humira Monopoly – Xtalks Life Science Podcast Ep. 12

In this episode, Ayesha talks about Clinical Trials Day 2021 and how the COVID-19 pandemic spurred changes in trial procedures and perceptions of clinical research. At the onset of the pandemic, many clinical trial sites had to be shut down, prompting trial sponsors and practitioners to move to remote, decentralized clinical trial models. Researchers had to adapt quickly to minimize trial disruptions. Xtalks spoke to experts in the field who say decentralized and hybrid trials are here to stay even after the pandemic, as they can improve the patient experience and incorporate modern digital technologies for enhanced data collection and data sharing.

The group also discussed AbbVie’s latest legal troubles over Humira, the world’s best-selling drug, with claims of patent abuses and price hikes by the company that were confirmed in a recent congressional probe. Through these strategies, AbbVie has created a monopoly over Humira to block biosimilars of the drug from entering the market. These unethical practices may deprive patients access to cheaper Humira alternatives that are just as effective. The team discussed how loopholes in US patent laws allow for such exploitation and manipulation.

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