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Dairy Enzymes Market Expected to Reach $734.7 Million by 2022

Dairy Enzymes Market Expected to Reach $734.7 Million by 2022

Markets and Markets has published a detailed report on the growing dairy enzymes market internationally. With the market estimated to be worth $734.7 million by 2022, the dairy enzyme industry is experiencing a CAGR of 7.18 percent globally.

The report, titled Dairy Enzymes Market by Type, is divided into the leading types, applications, sources and regions of dairy enzymes.

Type: Chymosin

There are four main types of dairy enzymes used in the dairy industry: lactase, chymosin, microbial rennet, and lipase. The chymosin enzyme was reported to have the biggest market share last year. This enzyme is primarily used in cheese production but is also used in producing halal, organic and GMO-free products. With cheese consumption on the rise, this enzyme’s use is expected to grow even more this year, particularly in developing countries.

Source: Animal and Microorganism

Dairy enzymes are usually extracted from plants or animals and microorganisms. In 2017, animals and microorganisms had a larger market share in the dairy enzymes segment. This is because the method used to extract these enzymes is easier to perform on animals and microorganisms and it is also cost effective. In contrast, plant-sourced dairy enzymes require more effort and money.

Application: Cheese

According to the report, cheese production accounted for the most market share in 2017. This is because of the various dairy enzyme applications during the cheese making process. Microbes such as aspergillus oryzae, lrpex and rhizomucor pusillus are used in the production of rennet, an enzyme used for the curdling process. Cheese manufacturers regularly use rennet, lactic acid, plant-based enzymes (sourced from wild artichokes, fig leaves, safflowers or melons) or young ruminants to accelerate the curdling of their cheeses.

Region: North America

In 2017, the region with the most market share in the dairy enzymes segment was North America. This is because North America hosts major players in the dairy industry who regularly use these enzymes in animal feed and dairy production. Consumer awareness in health and dietary supplements is also driving the sales of dairy enzymes in North America.

The report identifies the dairy enzymes market as a growing segment due to three factors. There is an increased demand for dairy products such as cheese and yogurts because of their nutrient dense qualities. A growing demand for lactose-free or low-lactose products is leading to more specialized dairy production. There are also environmental benefits when using dairy enzymes because manufacturers can save time, energy and raw materials.

However, with the growing plant-based dairy industry catching up to the traditional dairy industry, it is likely that the two will be competing for consumer attention in 2018.