Droplet Micron Insulin Needle Offers Innovation in Crowded Diabetes Supply Market

Droplet Micron Insulin Needle Offers Innovation in Crowded Diabetes Supply Market

Insulin users often have anxiety around their daily injections. The Droplet Micron pen needle promises to offer a less painful, comfortable, safe and reliable injection experience owing to its small size and tapered tip. Image Source: Droplet Micron

Being hailed as the world’s shortest and thinnest needle for insulin injection, Droplet Micron has recently been introduced into the pen needle market by HTL (High Tech Lab)-STREFA, Inc. The innovative new pen needle measures at just 34G x 3.5mm. It promises to deliver a reliable, less painful and comfortable injection experience.

Droplet Micron reduces the penetration force required for an injection by up to 50 percent – this is important because research has shown that a lower penetration force is associated with less painful injection.

Despite its smaller size, Droplet Micron has the same reliability, safety and effectiveness that traditional pen needles offer.

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The pen needle is being marketed by HTL-STREFA, a subsidiary of MTD Medical Technology and Devices SA, which is a world-leading Swiss medical technology/medical device group that develops, manufactures and sells safety lancets, personal lancets and pen needles for insulin injection.

Droplet Micron has a tapered and polished tip, which is designed for maximum comfort, say the makers of the needle. Because of this, it is a preferred choice among pen users, with 98 percent of people saying that they would recommend it to others.

These are important feature innovations for those that depend on insulin injections. A better injection experience is not just about the moment of injection – research suggests that 94 percent of insulin injectors experience anxiety and distress due to daily triggers associated with an injection event; these include seeing the needle,  anticipation of the injection and the injection itself. And in turn, these feelings and experiences of anxiousness can affect medication compliance and adherence.

This highlights the importance of optimal drug delivery, including the injection experience itself.

HTL-STREFA believes that the ‘injection experience’ is more than a moment – it is a cyclical journey, where the feelings that surround anticipation, preparation and injection have a cumulative impact. Droplet Micron is designed to help break this regular, continued cycle of anxiety so that people injecting medications to help manage their diabetes feel more at ease each time they perform an injection.

“Every aspect of Droplet Micron was designed with experience in mind,” said Carl Ward, General Manager, Americas at HTL-STREFA, Inc. in a news release.

He explained that, “In a product category where ‘how it works’ has always been the focus, ‘what people are feeling’ hasn’t always been top-of-mind. At HTL-STREFA, we don’t think that people with diabetes should have to compromise on any aspect of their injection experience. When you use Droplet Micron for the first time, you can see and feel the difference immediately, and feel better about every injection that comes after.”

Droplet Micron is now available at local pharmacies.

“Droplet Micron is the result of our continuous focus on innovation in diabetes care,” said Ward. “Every day, people with diabetes do their part in managing their health by taking their injectable diabetes medication. Micron’s here; it’s in their corner, every day at every injection.”

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