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General Mills’ New Logo Shows Some Love

General Mills’ New Logo Shows Some Love

CPG giant General Mills has updated their iconic blue cursive “G” logo to have a small heart on top of the letter. The new logo has already been updated on the General Mills website and social media pages.

The last time General Mills overhauled their logo was 16 years ago after their acquisition of Pillsbury. The company says that this new addition to the logo represents their beliefs in making food with love. The heart also reflects their new company motto: “General Mills: Making Food People Love.”

“The updated logo and branding nods to our tradition – the big blue G – and adds a splash of red to make our passion clear: Making Food People Love,” said Mary Lynn Carver, chief communications officer for General Mills, in a blog post.

“And the logo is just the beginning. Our corporate brand is about telling the General Mills story thoughtfully, proactively and consistently.”

Although the addition of the heart looks as if it is simply there to reflect love in their branding, some consumers find it comparable to heart-healthy food markers. The American Heart Association of heart-healthy foods primarily uses a red heart as a marker for heart healthy foods. Many marketing techniques and menus use the symbol to connotate food items as good-for-you.

The new logo could also be a sales move from General Mills as many CPG companies are struggling to appeal to the consumers who are interested in natural and healthy food products. Most companies tweak their logos in order to convey a message to consumers; General Mills is now sporting a logo that can be associated with heart-healthy claims.

The company also recently invested in growing their nutritional product portfolio by expanding their Fibre One brand. They will soon introduce bars that are not only high in fibre but high in protein as well. These moves coincide with their logo change and their efforts to produce foods that consumers would “love.”

“With our newest logo, the familiar ‘Big G’ continues to exemplify strength, longevity and trust — and now love,” the company said.