Novo Nordisk Launches ‘Power of Wegovy’ National Campaign to Educate and Empower

Novo Nordisk Launches ‘Power of Wegovy’ National Campaign to Educate and Empower

Novo Nordisk says its new “Power of Wegovy” campaign aims to educate people on the clinical data of the GLP-1 drug and highlight a collective empowerment among people on their weight loss journeys.

Novo Nordisk launched a new national campaign this week for its obesity drug Wegovy called “Power of Wegovy.”

The campaign highlights the “power” of Wegovy to address physical health, specifically weight loss and keeping it off, as well as the drug’s cardiovascular benefits.

Wegovy has been shown to lower the risk of major cardiovascular events (MACE) such as death, heart attack or stroke in individuals with known heart disease or with either obesity or overweight.

Novo’s last TV ad, which was released after a temporary pause on advertising due to ongoing shortages of the drug, focused on the emotional and mental health impacts of weight loss. However, the company’s new “Power of Wegovy” campaign is geared towards educating people on the physical or clinical effects of the GLP-1 drug.

At the same time, the 90-second ad invokes a sense of community and togetherness through the message that people with obesity are not alone in their weight loss journeys.

In a news release announcing the campaign’s launch, Novo said the initiative “aims to educate on the clinical data of Wegovy (semaglutide) 2.4 mg injection and reflect the collective empowerment people living with obesity can feel when they don’t have to manage their weight alone.”

The new Wegovy commercial shows people in various everyday spots such as a salon, record store, outdoor painting class and fixing a car at home, speaking about their challenges and triumphs with losing weight and keeping it off after using Wegovy.

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With a jubilant song playing in the background featuring lyrics like “Look out, ‘cause here I come,” and “I’m marching on to the beat I drum,” patients share their weight loss achievements with Wegovy.

A lady working in a salon asks “Have you ever had trouble losing weight and keeping it off? Same.”

The video then turns to a man who shares how he lost 35 pounds with Wegovy.

According to clinical data, on average, adults achieve around 15 percent weight loss after using Wegovy and approximately one in three adults lose 20 percent of their initial weight.

The commercial also shows a man fixing his car who says taking Wegovy also helps him reduce the risk of cardiovascular events.

As people tell their stories, they join a march and walk together down a street. At the end of the ad, they gather to form the “WE” in Wegovy, as seen from above in an aerial shot.

Novo Nordisk said the campaign was designed to celebrate “diverse, unique portrayals of individuals who partner with their healthcare professional to change the course of their weight-management journey, while educating on the clinical data of Wegovy.”

The company also said that highlighting the power of personal journeys can help address stigmas around weight loss, as well as the importance of working together to address excess weight and treat obesity.

“Diverse representation in healthcare campaigns can play a significant role in patients feeling seen, heard and understood, especially in a stigmatized space like obesity, which we’ve been engaged in for more than two decades,” said Tejal Vishalpura, senior vice president of Commercial Strategy and Marketing for Novo Nordisk.

“The Power of Wegovy is committed to representing a cross section of unique perspectives at this cultural inflection point in society, especially when the connection between obesity, cardiovascular risk and the importance of patient-centered care is so much a part of the public discourse,” added Vishalpura.

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Weight Loss Blockbuster Wegovy Wins Expanded Approval for Heart Benefits

Novo said the campaign was launched after an update to the FDA-approved label for Wegovy, which included the removal of body mass index (BMI) descriptors from the weight-management indication and the addition of a new cardiovascular risk reduction indication for those with obesity or overweight with known heart disease.

Along with highlighting some of the potential adverse effects of the drug, which include nausea, stomach pain, depression and suicidal ideation, among others, the ad also advises people to check details about cost and insurance coverage.

Novo addressed the financial aspects in its statement, saying that despite improvements in coverage for obesity medications, “cost and access remain important considerations,” making it important to check this information and have an informed conversation with a healthcare professional.

The company said that Wegovy costs only $25 per month for more than 80 percent of people with commercial insurance using the Wegovy savings offer.

Novo also addressed the ongoing shortages of its semaglutide products, including Ozempic, which is indicated for type 2 diabetes management, due to skyrocketing demand for GLP-1 drugs.

Given this, the drugmaker says, “It’s important to recognize that overall demand will continue to exceed supply, which means that some patients may still have difficulty filling Wegovy prescriptions. We will continue to closely monitor market dynamics and prescribing trends.”

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