Top 10 Healthcare Companies by 2023 Revenue

Top 10 Healthcare Companies by 2023 Revenue

Company logos courtesy of CVS Health, AmerisourceBergen Corporation, Cardinal Health, McKesson Corporation, UnitedHealth Group, Centene Corporation, Cigna Healthcare, Humana, Kaiser Permanente and Elevance Health.

The healthcare industry is a critical component of the global economy, offering essential services and products that impact the lives of billions worldwide. Last year, the top healthcare companies not only showcased remarkable revenue figures but also demonstrated innovation, resilience and a commitment to improving healthcare delivery. 

This list highlights the top healthcare companies by 2023 revenue, providing a snapshot of their global influence, workforce and diverse services. These companies play a pivotal role in shaping health policies, driving medical advancements and enhancing patient care across continents.

1. UnitedHealth Group

With an impressive $371.6 billion in revenue in 2023, UnitedHealth Group leads as one of the top healthcare companies globally. Based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, this powerhouse employs over 400,000 people. It operates through two distinct platforms, UnitedHealthcare for health benefits and Optum for health services, making healthcare more accessible and effective.

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2. CVS Health

Hailing from Woonsocket, Rhode Island, CVS Health has established itself as a leader in the health services sector. As of last year, the company brought in $357.8 billion in revenue. It employs around 260,000 individuals who help provide innovative health solutions. Its services range from pharmacy benefit management and retail pharmacy to healthcare insurance, playing a crucial role in the healthcare continuum.

3. McKesson Corporation

McKesson Corporation, based in Irving, Texas, stands out among the top healthcare companies, focusing on pharmaceutical distribution and healthcare IT. In 2023, the company brought in $278.7 billion in revenue. Employing approximately 48,500 staff, McKesson is integral in pharmaceutical supply chains, helping healthcare providers improve patient care efficiently and sustainably.

4. AmerisourceBergen Corporation

Located in Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania, AmerisourceBergen is a cornerstone in the pharmaceutical services industry, with about 42,000 employees. The company earned revenues of around $262.2 billion in 2023. This company thrives by distributing pharmaceuticals and providing related services to healthcare providers and pharmacies, ensuring that critical medications reach those in need swiftly.

5. Cardinal Health 

As a key player from Dublin, Ohio, Cardinal Health earned $205 billion in revenue in 2023. It employs over 44,000 people and is pivotal in the healthcare supply chain. Specializing in the distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical products, Cardinal Health ensures that healthcare providers have the necessary resources to serve their patients effectively.

6. Cigna Healthcare

Cigna Healthcare’s global presence in the insurance sector marks its spot among the top healthcare companies. Last year, the health insurance provider brought in $195.3 billion in revenue. Based in Bloomfield, Connecticut, and employing around 73,700 people, Cigna Healthcare offers health insurance services and health services through its extensive international network.

7. Elevance Health

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Elevance Health is one of the foremost health insurance providers, with a workforce of over 100,000. Last year, the company brought in revenues of around $170.2 billion. It offers a range of healthcare plans and services, aiming to improve lives and communities with a focus on simplifying the healthcare experience.

8. Centene Corporation

Centene Corporation, located in St. Louis, Missouri, operates with approximately 75,300 employees. Last year, the company brought in $140.1 billion in revenue. As a major figure in the healthcare insurance industry, it specializes in government-sponsored healthcare programs, emphasizing a community-based approach to reach underinsured and uninsured individuals.

9. Humana 

Louisville, Kentucky is home to Humana, another giant among the top healthcare companies. It earned approximately $106.4 billion in revenue in 2023. With a workforce of about 48,700, Humana provides a variety of health, wellness and insurance products, focusing on lifelong well-being and health management.

10. Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente, headquartered in Oakland, California, is acknowledged as a top healthcare provider and nonprofit health plan in the US. The company stands out for integrating many services under one roof. Kaiser Permanente earned a total of $100.8 billion in revenue in 2023. With around 217,000 employees, Kaiser Permanente offers comprehensive healthcare services and is renowned for its commitment to wellness and preventive care.

These top healthcare companies of 2023 lead in revenue and their ability to impact health outcomes on a global scale. Their efforts are pivotal in driving the evolution of healthcare systems and making healthcare more accessible and effective for all. As we continue to face global health challenges, the role of these companies will be crucial in shaping a healthier future for everyone.

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